Yesterday Amazon launched Amazon Instant Video, its new video streaming app for the iPad. The app lets you either stream or mark for download and later offline viewing any previously purchased video from Amazon. It also allows Amazon Prime users to stream over 120,000 videos for free.

Jailbreak users were quick to note that Amazon put a block in place to prevent them from using the app. As we reported this morning, Amazon even confirmed the problem, basically saying that if you are using a jailbroken iPad, there is nothing they can do for you.

But don’t worry, as usual, the jailbreak community has your back…

As a few iDB readers were quick to point out to us, there is an app in Cydia that allows you to bypass this restriction. Developed by @n00neimp0rtant, xCon is the solution to your problem.

xCon is a one-stop solution to bypassing jailbreak detection in App Store applications. The tweak supports an extensive list of applications, including Amazon Instant Video.

All you have to do is to download xCon from the ModMyI repo in Cydia. Respring your iPad and there you go! Enjoy hours of video streaming from Amazon.

Thanks for everyone who tipped us about this!

  • Nice try, Amazon.
    Nice try.

  • ryderdon

    first i heard of this tweak but i can now confirm it will work on iphone 4S to get around voddler jailbreak blockade…..this is so sweet!! lol

  • ipad3 didn’t work

    • molsboywonder

      Worked right off the bat on my 64GB iPad 3 4G. All day yesterday I was getting the “WARNING Playback is not allowed on this device” Try reinstalling…..

      • GambitGamer

        No offense but I find it very annoying when people call it the “iPad 3”

      • molsboywonder

        Why would I take offense to that? The funny thing is writing a comment about it. *That awkward moment when you talk about your feelings on a tech blog* Maybe you should see someone about that.

      • Alamaru

        better to say ipad3 than new ipad because someone might think you are talking about another device (mini ipad or wtf ever else could come out soonish)

  • Thats freakin racist

  • The real question is who actually pays amazon to stream video when there are such better and wayyyyyy cheaper apps?

    • molsboywonder

      For most of us it’s basically a free add on becoming an Amazon Prime member. They have the best deals, no tax, and free 2 day shipping. fuhgetaboutit. There are something like 5 million Amazon Prime members already.

  • SimonOrJ

    When you buy a tweak, isn’t one of the way to purchase tweak is through Amazon? I wonder why Amazon blocked this…

    • odedo1

      Because it’s really easy to fake payments after jail breaking like IAP’s ( in app purchases ).

  • odedo1

    we need xCon for iOS 7+