Online retailer Amazon confirmed that its newly released video streaming client for iPad, the free Instant Video app, doesn’t run correctly on jailbroken iPads. Amazon yesterday released the program which enables its $79-a-year Prime subscribers and regular users to easily stream and synch via an iPad their video purchases and thousands of movies and television shows the company has on offer…

Tim Carmody, reporting for The Verge, sheds more light on the matter:

One of The Verge’s readers downloaded the new Instant Video app to his iPad, which was running a Cydia-enabled jailbroken version of iOS 5.1.1. The reader contacted Amazon customer support, who confirmed that the application triggers an error on jailbroken iPads and that the error message sent to Amazon indicated that the reader’s device had been jailbroken.

According to an email exchange between an Amazon support rep and the user, the latter was advised to talk to the jailbreak provider about a solution.

Apparently, the author explains, “the presence of either the APT encryption key manager or the Cydia app store appears to be a factor”.

Here’s that email message.

There’s also a slight possibility of Amazon intentionally breaking the app on jailbroken devices as to prevent folks from tampering with its digital-rights management system used to copy-protect video content, though that’s a stretch.

If you’re running a jailbroken device, let us know down in the comments how the Instant Video app runs on your system.

  • xCon from Cydia should enable playback.

    • yup works fine with xcon

    • JerseyD

      Does anybody know a repo that still has Xcon 11? That is the last version that made my Optimum app still work but I lost it when I did a restore.

  • Kok Hean

    They’re sucking up to Apple…

  • I get the error message 🙁

  • Daniel Levi

    lol i never even used there app,so i dont care

    • No Whammy

      Thanks for telling us that invaluable piece of information.

      • Daniel Levi

        no problem,and next time keep your slimy nose out of other people’s buisness

  • Hopefully they will fix it, xCon for now.

    Awhile back I downloaded Track 8 from Ender Labs. It constantly crashed on my jailbroken iPad so I emailed the devs and we had a good long discussion about it and they discovered that there was a problem with it being jailbroken and 2 days later they had a fix. I have much respect for Ender Labs because of that. Here’s hoping Amazon follows suit.