Last week, Apple started airing a new Siri commercial featuring the popular film director Martin Scorsese. The ad was the fourth in a string of celebrity spots focused on the digital assistant.

Unsurprisingly, a parody video has just been made to poke fun at the ad. You’ve seen “The Samuel L. Jackson ad you were hoping for.” Now, here’s “Scorsese’s alternate iPhone commercial…”

Admittedly, this parody isn’t as funny as some of the other ones we’ve seen. But the message is pretty clear: Siri sucks. And this isn’t just being said by amateur mashup clips. It’s also being said by iPhone 4S owners who have filed class-action lawsuits due to their disappoint with digital assistant, and research analysts.

During WWDC this year, Apple announced that it was going to be rolling out a number of major updates to Siri this fall. Here’s hoping that holds true, as the competition is really starting to heat up.


  • The parody seems much more accurate 😀

    • goofygreek

      apparently people disagree with your statement. I for one agree. Googles voice control is so much better than siri.

      • Siri was pretty awesome at first, but over time her results have sucked. When she does understand you, she will almost always give you a business listing. HOW DO I MAKE CHI TEA? HERE ARE SOME PLACES WHO SELL TEA IN YOUR AREA. I guess the novelty of Siri wore off because we rarely ever use it now because of how shitty the results are.

  • Wi-Fi on the streets??

  • Jacor74

    It’s Martin Scorsese, he has wifi everywhere

  • Alvaro Sagrera


  • My real concern about Siri is that all the questions you make it creates a user profile. Even worth: it is part of your user profile. Facebook activities, now this cloud services everywhere (iCloud, Dropbox, GoogleDrive just name a few). GPS in more and more devices. Face recognition, tag yourself, and your friends…
    I really don’t know where these things leads us… Do you?

  • Sadly, yes, Siri is server-based with slow dictation and less features, but it is still beta so hopefully it sets a benchmark as a voice assistant.

  • I cannot believe they’d have an ad with Martin Scorsese in the back of a cab, giving orders to a taxi driver and the driver DOESN’T RESPOND: “You talkin’ to me?! You talkin’ to me?! Ain’t nobody else here…” Seriously?! Martin Scorsese…? In a cab…With a taxi driver…? Hello? Am I the only schmuck in the freakin’ world who is asking that?

  • Ye

    it is a cool Video…:-)