Apple’s chain of retail stores have seen unprecedented success over the past decade. They make more money and see more foot traffic than just about any other store on the planet.

Unfortunately, more foot traffic means longer wait times and other inconveniences for shoppers, which can lead to a poor customer experience. But Apple is looking to change that…

9to5Mac is reporting that it has learned about several new changes coming to Apple Stores in the near future, in an effort to “streamline” the customer experience and trim wait times.

Among these changes is a completely redesigned Concierge Genius Bar application that will make it easier for employees to check in customers and view upcoming appointments. The app also features an all-new Session Manager system that will streamline the way Genius Bar employees are assigned customers, which should effectively reduce wait times.

While these changes might not seem like a big deal, they should equate to a much better retail experience both for shoppers and those looking for help with their Mac or iOS devices. And as evident in its latest round of TV ads, Apple is clearly looking to step up its game in this particular area.

The first of these changes went into effect yesterday, and several more are expected to roll out on August 6th.

What are your experiences with Apple Stores like? Good, bad?

  • Not bad.

  • Wael Abdo

    Too bad there is no ofiicial apple store where i live…wish there was one though…

  • Once, I was having problems with my 3GS so I took it in. The Apple guy looked at it and it turned out there was water damage. I was past my warranty already but he gave me a brand new 3GS. Apple customer service was been excellent to me.

  • You will never get the same professional service at a Samsung store even after they ripped off apple’s store layouts, the blue shirt and display tables. So apple is the best

    • Can’t rip off their shirts cause there company/logo color is blue

  • I’ve been to one of the stores and must admit it was good. Booked the appointment with a genius (was having troubles with my 4s and within 30 minutes I was walking out with a replacement
    No complaints from me 🙂

  • JasonT

    I had a good experience the one time I had to go there. My iPhone 4’s dock would not recognize anything to charge, not even multiple computer to do a restore. The “genius” told me that it was because it was jail broken. Which I thought was bs considering I thought it was a hardware problem not a software problem. But he luckily was able to restore it there and has worked fine since. I re-jailbroke as soon as the devs released a jailbreak for the firmware I was forced to update to.

  • I had a downright horrible experience at the Apple Story at Cherry Creek Mall, in Denver, CO. I live in Iowa (yeah, sucks and no Apple Stores for miles) and was on vacation there. I have the AppleCare plan on my 4S and was having troubles with my dock cable. I figured, “Hey, I’ve never been to one, and possibly they would be able to quickly help me with this, no problem!”.
    I walked in the place, not really knowing what I was doing because I had never been in one, only read how incredible they are. I continued to walk straight back to the Genius Bar, assuming that would be where I would go for Customer Support. Why bother a retail salesperson that was already overwhelmed (the place was absolutely pack, the New iPad had just been recently released).
    Before I could even finish asking my sentence to the Genius Bar employee, he interrupts with “Do you have appointment?”
    My response is, “I didn’t know I needed one. Sorry, I’m not from here and just need a dock cable.. (interrupted again with same question).” I’m starting to think this is some kind of joke. I mean, I saw the South Park episode, that takes place in a fictional Colorado city, that mocked Apple and their “Genius Bar”. No way I actually just walked into the realistic equivalent? Or are all Apple Stores really like this?
    As I said a few other words under my breath and started to walk away, I was stopped by a nice younger girl, who was a manger, that happened to overhear the conversation. She in fact was awesome and got the cable switched out in under 3 minutes; no questions asked.
    So I am torn, if I had to deal with the Genius Bar and it’s snob Apple customers. Who had stuck their nose up at me, as if not knowing you needed an appointment had somehow made me less of an Apple product owner, I would probably leave Apple altogether.
    I actually thought that as I walked out the door that day, “Is this really what owners and employees of Apple really act??” If so, I thought I might be switching providers in the near future.
    When I got back to Iowa, I received an email, about a week later, from the manager that had helped me. Now I didn’t throw a fit and didn’t even mention the Genius Bar employee. In her email, that i didn’t save (stupid!), she mentioned the conversation she heard, how her employee handled it, and how it was just unacceptable. She went on to say that since then, she has had her employees retrained in customer relations and that the employee had been reprimanded in some way. She also included a $50 gift card to the Apple Store.

    I know that was a very long story (probably longer than this article), but it should be noted because, from my experience, Apple is trying their hardest to not end up like the “other retail stores” (ex. Best Buy). I was very impressed, after I had almost lost faith in Apple and their “step above the rest” motto.