The major upgrade to Dashboard X that we previewed last week is now available in Cydia. Dashboard X 2.0 brings a whole slew of new features to the popular widget tool, including resizable widgets, and independent orientation for both landscape and portrait mode.

Even better is the fact that Dashboard X 2.0 is a free upgrade for existing users, and $1.99 for new users. Head over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo to download it now, and be sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments section.

  • Too bad the re-sizing of widgets isn’t compatible with the Barrel tweak.

    • to fix the barell issue remove barrel and install again and enable the the folderenhancer fix option to on this is how i got it to work with barell good luck

  • nice

  • Safari icon is blank white… wtf? Happens to me with random icons too. Anybody know how to fix?

    • In case my previous reply doesn’t post, just download
      iWipe Cache

    • On cydia change settings to developer and then search for libhide and just reinstall it.

    • ThisBrian

      Not sure how to fix but from now on you can backup your springboard layout with springtomize 2, saved me a couple of times. Only takes a few seconds to backup and restore when needed.

    • Try reloading settings in springtomize 2

    • Download iCleaner from Cydia, it’s fixes it in a snap!

  • Hmm I removed the previous version from my iPhone, kept crashing randomly and respringing itself. Also went into safe mode a lot.

    Might give it a go again.. just don’t fancy making my iPhone look pretty and wasting time getting things right and then finding out it crashes again -.-

    • it was probably the other tweak that caused crashes with Dashboard X. Best way to deal with it is to go to Mobile Subtrate and disable tweaks from there which might be causing crash.

    • It’s maybe because is cracked, I tried it a couple of days cracked before buying it and the springboard was crashing all the time, but that disappeared when I bought it. I’m using an iPod Touch 4

      • The dashboard x itself was bought but think I had one cracked widget not sure now! Will give it a go again during this week.

  • This tweak just rocks !!

  • chjode

    What are some must-have widgets for this? I’m thinking a calendar widget, music controls or even a “now playing” widget, and perhaps a system info/network status widget. What else is good to have?

    • Dan

      Nothing much really, I keep waiting for good widgets to come out. I would love a good htc weather clock widget

      • SimonReidy

        An HTC style clock widget would look great. In the meantime the included clock widget is a very basic, but it still looks good enough to have on your springboard in my opinion.

        NCSettings and Omnistat are two other widgets that work well with DashBoardX. Couple of decent music widgets available too.

    • Some must have widgets :- 1. Ncsettings
      2. Music widget for dashboard x
      3. Rss widget
      4. Status tweet
      5. Pictureframecenter
      6. Clock widget
      7. Wee search pro
      8. Omnistat (iPad 🙂 )

  • gdd2010

    Updated to 2.0. Works great with my current theme. Exactly what I want it to do. However, when I unlock, the widget is not in the position I last placed it.

    • Francesco Merlotto

      Me too,did you buy it? Thx

  • Why the hell doesn’t ios already have this capability??