We’ve seen several leaked components over the past few months that are believed to belong to the Apple’s next smartphone. We’ve seen home buttons, front plates, back plates, and more.

This morning, images surfaced of all of these parts put together, depicting what appears to be a fully-assembled, next-generation iPhone. Keep reading for more details and photos…

9to5Mac points to the images, which were published overnight by iLab repair shop. The site has obtained a number of claimed new iPhone parts, including volume switches, a mute switch, a flex cable, and of course, the front and back plates we’ve already seen.

Put together, everything seems to fit as it should. And the assembled handset lines up perfectly with multiple rumors we’ve heard regarding the next iPhone. It has the relocated FaceTime camera and headphone jack. It has the two-tone backplate, and what appears to be an opening for a smaller dock connector. And it also has a larger display and a thinner profile.

Of course, there’s no way of confirming that this is what the next iPhone is going to look like. But with the handset already likely in production, you’d think we would have already seen conflicting evidence by now. And we haven’t.

Apple is widely expected to unveil its new smartphone sometime this fall, in either September or October.

What do you make of all of this? Is this indeed the next iPhone?

  • Looks nice. I’m in for one. Or two 🙂

    • HC

      It looks fimilar Jeff. iPhone 4? Just a little changes here and their. Even if it does look like that when it’s released, I’m still upgrading. 🙂

      • Who cares that it looks like the iPhone 4? Why mess with perfection? Why is everybody beating down the door for something different, just for the sake of having something different? Pointless.

    • Best Ikheafe

      Fake. Where is the usual writing at the back. It’s a legal requirement to state little information about a product. Most phones have it at the battery compartment, Apple always at the back.

      • javierE186

        Now I am not saying it is real, but many prototypes do not have those writing because….it’s a prototype, they only get those writing when they are done and ready to go through the legal system (think FCC in the US) in the countries it lands on.

  • looks so similar to the iPhone 4/4S. :sadface:

    • Manuel Molina

      To true. The SG III begins to look better and better every time I see the new iPhone and the almost not updated iOS 6. Nothing is new in the iPhone 5. LTE is old and may cost us our unlimited plans if you have one, and you won’t have a jailbreak for sometime after it comes out. The Maps (3D turn by turn) can be downloaded via app store, and this battery might be worst than befote like ios 5 and the 4S. Is this phone really worth it?

      • I’m not saying that because it looks like the iPhone 4/4S that I’ll be getting a Galaxy S3. Cuz that’s just not going to happen.

  • Max

    The back plate is ugly, 2 colors? Who’s idea was that:/

    • Mine 😉

    • Manuel Molina

      It was probably Bill Gates. 🙂

    • Thorasgard

      It is not two tone. It is called color block body con. Maybe with a little mountain lion print trown in. This falls fashion statement.

  • It’s beautiful, easily the best looking iPhone yet, if it’s going to look like that.

  • Aaron de Silva

    Haha my phone operator sent me an letter to upgrade my iPhone 4 to a galaxy S III at a discounted rate. Haha if I coul reply, I’d say “please.. I only get iPhones” haha GalaxySIII over iPhone (apologizes to any Samsung fans I also have a Samsung TV don’t kill me haha)

    • Joey_Mousepad


  • Not sure about the way the antenna looks; exactly like the 4S. If the 5 is going to have an LTE Radio, I will be amazed if they can make the same aluminum radio system accept LTE and 3G. They might be able to do that the same way that they did with the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth radio.

  • Howard Ellacott

    I’m still doubtful if that two tone back will make it to the final release… Especially with those colours.

  • I don’t think its real because it looks just like the iPhone 4/4S, every other 2 generations of iPhones are a total redesign…. If it does look like that I might not get it only because I don’t like the whole square feel.

  • If these are parts of the next iphone and they can make this up, it looks like they might see inside a court room ..

  • JaeM1llz

    Looks ugly as sin. If this 4/4S knockoff is really what the 5 looks like I definitely will not be buying one.

  • I dont like the relocation of the headphone jack~,~!Thats gonna cause some problems when im tryna watch a movie and charge my phone at the same time

    • no it wont, the charging plug is much smaller and wont interfere.

      • J Johnson

        but the charging port and headphone jack is at the bottom. i wont be able to dock it and connect it to my speakers with the audio jack

      • First of all you don’t have dock for the new iphone and its 19 pin conector. And second im sure the new dock will allow you play your music while still being able to charge your phone

      • Well actually you DO have a dock for the iphone. There will be an adaptor from 30pin to 19 pin connector.

        I also have a 3rd party dock without an audio out at work and use the
        headphone jack for calls and audio since i don’t want to disturb my

        With the new audio jack beeing on the bottom, i can’t connect the speakers no more.

  • If this were real, Apple would’ve sued em/asked for the parts back like they did when Gizmodo got the iPhone 4

    • tim

      Then we would know for sure this is it then. They wouldn’t do that. They would be searching for the leak, and trying to plug it.

  • why does the new iphone have to look to drastically different?

    • J Johnson

      same reason people get new cars that look drastically different…people want something new features but they also want something that looks new as well.

    • cause the iphone 4 design was great but is now very retro its time tko update the look..

      • you call the iphone 4 retro? lol


    If this is really the next iPhone will look like I’ll pass It looks exactly like iPhone 4/4S it will be a huge mistake from apple if they don’t come up with a totally new shape and design

    • G

      Totally new shape? Like a triangle?

      This is easily the nicest iphone yet I hope it looks like this

      • J Johnson

        i want a newer design as well but the triangle comment was hilarious

    • it will be sad.. IOS 6 is sad update so i am expect the iphone to be sad also.. steve is dead

  • Irfan Tarique

    Fake…why would they increase the screen size on the iPhone? It would be a huge head ach to resize every single app on the AppStore.

    • they keep the aspect ratio. You simply have a black border on top and on the bottom of old apps. so no resizing needed. New apps will have more room


    So if that’s the next iPhone they should just call it iPhone 4.5S instead of the new iPhone or iPhone 5…poeple don’t really care about lte since unlimited data doesn’t exist anymore…or 3d map the only real selling point will be a bigger screen Nd new slim design ..

    • DJ79KHALED

      Nice…)…what’s nice about it looks exactly like an iPhone 4s with expection of a bigger screen not even big the funny thing it’s a taller screen …)…I think. apple took us for guaranty again like they did with the iPhone 4s ….the only poeple that will be attempt to upgrade someone who’s skip the iPhone 4 and 4s

  • HC

    What I’m really looking forward to in the iPhone 5 is a bigger screen (at least 4.3″) and want it to be smooth like butter. Lol

  • If you look at the very early iPad prototypes.. Yeah.

  • twited21

    Looks are ok but let’s hear about some specs
    What we talking 10-12 mega pixel camera 1080p video @ 60fps to make it extra smooth hd face time 4 inch display 4g connectivity ?? Possibly
    Ios6 obviously and the chip what will it be who knows

    • need more power than that to pleas eme. has to be at leas 2Xs the power of the 4S..

  • I am very excited about this

  • 1337lolzorz

    Can’t wait for this design in white! Will probably look even better.

  • Looks like renders to me. I gotta think it’s fake due to the fact there’s not text on the back case. Perhaps these are prototype pieces. It’s ugly, though. The volume buttons being black vs. the mute switch still silver doesn’t sync with Apple’s consistent styling. No way this is real.

  • michaelnv710

    can anybody tell from the pictures if it will have a micro sim or a nano sim?

  • For me the phone looks real, but the front seems to me that it will not have that thick screen, that’s where can be a deference design. Obviously there are many “prototypes” that never become the final product, we have to wait until September.

  • its ugly period. i love apple an this doesnt even seem like they would make a product like this.

  • stf007

    Much uglier, than anything i can imagine Apple designing. Looks like a Nokia from the back. Plus – if they really put the headphone jack at the bottom it will be plain stupidity.

    • why is it stupid? I see it as smart considering as most people put their phone in their pockets top down so the jack would then be at the “top” of the phone in the person pocket

      • stf007

        Couse “in the prson pocket” is not the only place the iPhone needs to be with the jack in. How about when its docked, or on my car stand, which also charges it, from the bottom ofcourse.

      • usually if its in a dock, isnt it playing over speakers or something?

  • i doubt it looks like that, theres some design flaws in these pictures that i doubt apple would pass up

  • Love this

  • 8::::::>