If you’re looking to start up new cell phone service in the US, there are dozens of choices. If you want a big-named, nationwide carrier though, that cuts the field down to four options: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

You can narrow it down even further if you want an iPhone. Currently, only the top three carriers properly support Apple’s handset. And if you’re looking for the company with the best customer service, there’s only one…

Popular marketing research firm J.D. Power and Associates has named Verizon Wireless the #1 carrier in the US, in terms of customer service. This is actually Verizon’s third time to land in the top spot.

The firm came to this conclusion based on how well a company scores in three areas of customer service: telephone, walk-in (retail store), and online. The study measures satisfaction and processing issues in each contact channel, such as the efficiency of problem resolutions and duration of hold times, and produces a final score on a scale of 1-1000 (1000 obviously being the best).

From J.D. Power’s press release:

“Verizon Wireless ranks highest in wireless customer care performance among full-service carriers with an overall score of 771. Verizon Wireless performs particularly well in phone contacts that originate in the automatic response system (ARS) channel are then transferred to a live customer service representative (CSR), and in phone class made directly to a CSR)”

Interestingly enough, Sprint came in just a few points behind Verizon with a score of 764. AT&T and T-Mobile, however, scored below the national average for full-service carriers.

With Apple expected to unveil a new LTE-compatible smartphone in a few months, there’s already been a lot of talk of folks switching from AT&T to either Verizon, for the size of its 4G network, or Sprint, for its unlimited data plan. And something like this may just be enough to get them to jump ship.

What are your wireless plans for the fall?


  • slowdeath

    its weird, cuz my local verizon wireless store really sucks.

  • chjode

    I’m really hoping the T-Mobile frequency changes make it to my neck of the woods by this fall so I can buy an unlocked iPhone and use a T-Mobile $30/month plan.

  • eisforme

    Come iPhone 5…..Verizon, here I come!

    AT&T blows! We just got 3G in my area one year ago, and my city is the 5th largest market in my state. Verizon just upgraded to LTE in my area and I’m getting download speeds consistently in the mid 20’s. Last weekend I had a dl speed of 45 on my iPad! I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. I just hope that when everyone gets LTE phones that the network doesnt bog down too badly.

    Plus, it is my understanding that Verizon will have LTE everywhere it has 3G by the end of 2013. AT&T, on the other hand, will probably be there in 2020.

    • What does any of that have to do with CUSTOMER SERVICE? that’s more on the lines of product appeal, customer service is how they treat PAYING customers when they actually have a problem occur.

  • That’s funny cause my experience as well as at least another 10 people I know have had exactly the opposite experience. We all use to be on Verizon but they’re customer service was so absolutely terrible that we all eventually left to be with AT&T and I couldn’t be happier and I’m glad I got them to see the light. The situation that occurred with Verizon and how they handled it which led me to cancel service, actually occurred with AT&T and they took care of it no problem. Right then and there any doubt I may have had or any second guessing if I made the right choice just flew out the window and I knew AT&T was the right carrier for me. Verizon literally ran me away as a good paying customer that was very loyal to them and I spent lots of money with them. I use buy a new phone from them roughly every six months for 5 years and they treated me like my bill had elapsed and I was trash in the gutter. Long live AT&T