RadioShack is no stranger to offering up iPhone deals. It’s previous deal, which ended in June, knocked $50 off of both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 across all major carriers.

Now it looks like the retail chain is back at it with a new sale on refurbished iPhone 4S models. Customers can pick up Apple’s latest handset for as low as $99.99…

The sale comes in two flavors, “refreshed” and “remanufactured.” MacRumors has gotten the low-down on the promotion:

“Refreshed phones are models that have been restored and repackaged internally (no full warranty), while remanufactured are used phones provided from a third party that have been remanufactured with a new warranty.

Those looking for an iPhone 4S will be able to purchase a refreshed or remanufactured model on AT&T for $99.99 (iPhone 4S 16GB) and $149.99 (iPhone 4S 32 GB). Verizon models of the iPhone 4S are available for $99.99 (iPhone 4S 16 GB), $199.99 (iPhone 4S 32 GB) and $299.99 (iPhone 4S 64 GB).”

Mix in the fact that Verizon buyers will also receive a $50 gift card to RadioShack in edition to the discount, and this actually makes for a pretty stellar deal.

It’s worth noting, however, that these prices require a new two-year carrier contract. So that’s something to keep in mind with a new iPhone just a few months away.

What do you think, deal or no deal?

  • MadAndronicus

    I say no. I can’t wait to upgrade my 4S, battery life is ridiculously awful.

    • Weird my dads 4S holds for almost 3 days (used web, phone calls, simple apps(

  • Can’t wait to upgrade my iPhone 4 (my Home button has been failing more and more and Apple would not replace it), but I’m definitely waiting for the “new iPhone”.

  • I can’t wait to upgrade my 3GS. It’s jailbroken and working perfectly fine. Each time a new iPhone comes out, I ask myself, “should I upgrade now”? Each time the answer has been no. The phone is in perfectly good condition and running fine. I spared myself having to deal with “antenna gate” with the iPhone 4, and I haven’t had to deal with the battery issues of the iPhone 4S. I’ll ask myself the same question again when the new iPhone comes out. I’ll wait a couple of months for the early adopters to report any problems, if all is fine, then I’ll consider upgrading the phone. The only thing I can’t stand is the poor camera the 3GS has, everything else I can deal with.

  • my carrier would not let me upgrade to the iPhone 4s unless I did it online so I had to go with the iPhone 4 instead, I just couldn’t wait 2 days but I’m happy with the iPhone 4 it does what I need it to.

  • Not such a sweet deal, unless one happens to be a regular RadioShack customer. Refurbished iPhones may not be covered by AppleCare.

  • Colleen

    Is this avaible at all locations?
    Also, I dont have an upgrade avaible with my verizon acoount, can i still buy it for $99.99?