Samsung is about to give the phablet a new meaning with the rumored introduction of the Galaxy Note II at a presser scheduled for August 15. A follow up to the last year’s Galaxy Note with a 5.3-inch display, the Note II is apparently thinner and a bit taller. As a result, the display is also said to have grown in size a tad, now measuring a whopping 5.5 inches diagonally.

Just how exactly an average human being is supposed to operate this device is anyone’s guess, though clearly there are people out there who prefer mobile devices that fall somewhere in between a large smartphone and a small tablet.

Apple, of course, is rumored to be addressing the trend of large smartphone displays with the next iPhone, said to be of the same width as existing iPhones, albeit a bit taller, making room for a four-inch display

Samsung Electronics America invited select members of the press to a major Galaxy announcement.

The save-the-date notice reads:

Please join Samsung Electronics America for a major announcement and unveiling of the newest Galaxy device. An exclusive press conference will take place where full details will be disclosed. An invitation with details will follow soon. Thank you.

However, 9to5Google editor Seth Weintraub points out that Samsung Electronics America does not handle smartphones in the United States (Samsung Telecommunications America does), leading him to speculate that the presser could be for a Galaxy camera, a tablet or a new TV set.

The device could sport the Exynos 4412 processor found in the Galaxy S3, though overclocked to 1.6GHz. Screen resolution should remain unchanged at 1280-by-720 pixels and it’s said to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but could be upgradeable to Jelly Bean.

The top image, courtesy of Boy Genius Report, shows just how large the device is one’s hand. I don’t mean to disrespect anyone for their preference for phablets, but take a look at the below snap depicting what operating a 5.3-inch Galaxy Note in real life looks like.

It’s just a random shot I took last year at the city.

I would be the first to appreciate a large canvas and Samsung’s vivid AMOLED display technology, but no matter how hard I try I really don’t see myself having public phone calls using such a Gorilla-sized device.

And just how does this thing fit in your pocket? Not everyone wear work pants.

More than 43 percent of respondents voted in our poll that going forward a four-inch display should be the new gold standard for iPhones. Less than three percent crave for an iPhone with at least five-inch display.

How about you?

  • No buddy cares about this shit!!!!!

  • i got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and it fits in my skinny jeans.

  • Rather see a 4.3 inch. Once you used an s2 or s3 the iPhone feels so small and boring. Samsungs displays have popping Nice colors too. iP5 must be jaw dropping good cus ios6 didnt deliver.
    IF not im gone! Been walking around years with the Same homescreen boringly filled with Apps. JB tweaks are fine But galaxy S3 does most things out of the box! Cmon Apple last chance.

  • Didn’t they just come out with the first one. Not really that long ago? At least let your devices last a year Samsung…

    • maurid

      Why? To follow Apple’s trend?

      • No to keep people wanting your product so they know they won’t be obsolete in 3-9 months

  • Seriously!? Just buy a fuckin’ Tablet ….. It’s like carrying my 13″ MacBook Pro next to my ear ….. Samsung is just trying to Flood the market with meaningless crap in hopes of stealing the limelight away from the next apple smartphone …. Its just plain ridiculous now ….

    • maurid

      I find it cute, how no matter what, you guys stand up for your same tiny hopeless iDevice every year.

  • Is it me, or does it seem like Samsung just keeps pumping out a new smartphone model almost monthly?? You get what you pay for I guess, quantity over quality. No thanks, I’ll get iPhone 5 thank you very much!

  • This is getting ridiculous lol. 5.5 inches come on their just upgrading every spec numbers and the galaxy note hasn’t been out for a year yet.

    • I don’t think it’s even been out for 6 months!

  • madmaxmedia

    Don’t worry about the size guys, just get a messenger bag for it and you’ll be all set-

  • wow. imagine how retarded one must look with something that big up to their ear. surely something to laugh at..

    I have the samsung exhibit ii 4g that i bought to experiment with app development… It’s garbage.. it lacks that “quality” feeling. I would never buy another samsung device ever again… the bigger the device is, the less interesting it becomes…

  • air naji

    Wow didn’t they just release the s3 a month ago? I’m guessing we’ll see the new nexus phone come out after this big white brick.