Who doesn’t love the sound of a good typewriter? There’s something about the keys, something about the sound, that’s just soothing to the ear.

Relive yesteryear thanks to iTypeWriter — a jailbreak tweak that allows you to enable both haptic feedback and classic typewriter sounds (ding!) for $0.99 on Cydia.

The haptic feedback and typewriter sounds can be enabled together, or independently of one another. That makes this a decent tweak for those seeking only haptic feedback as well.

Be sure to disable keyboard click sounds in the Settings app before trying to use iTypeWriter, or else you might not hear the typewriter inspired sound effects.

Again, you can find iTypeWriter on Cydia’s ModMyi repo for $0.99. It’s not for everyone, and eventually you’ll likely grow tired of the sound effects, but even then it’s still an okay conversation piece.

Be sure to let me know what you think about iTypeWriter in the comments below.

  • I had tis senic it came out i highly think u shoud get this

  • Love it.

  • ok the haptic part is crappy as usual but the type writer sound part works great,,

  • jose castro


  • While this sounds great, I don’t think it’s worth $0.99

    • M_AlO

      I didn’t think so either, but I still bought it and I’m really loving the typewriter sounds on my iPad.

      • Really? iPad? it doesn’t work on my iPad

      • M_AlO

        Sounds work perfectly on my 3rd generation iPad.

      • The first time was not ok, got it by turning the on-off option twice.

  • ChiefSpecialK

    Funny, I’ve always just edited some plists for my haptic feedback.. didn’t after last reload, but never thought it was worth paying for an app.

  • anyway to have the futuristic PC sounds like in the movies. I mean like in 007 movies or similares.

  • Kurt Lewis

    I got it, but don’t recommend it. 1) haptic feed back is too long. It ought to be very quick. It makes typing seriously lag unfortunately (perhaps because of my other tweaks?). I have been wanting haptic feed back as there is on the galaxy 10.1. It’s very cool. But with this tweak it lasts far too long and I find it annoying instead of really enjoying the small, quick vibrations. Would be really nice if the dev could/would let people decide on the length?

    • Try haptic pro 😀

      • Kurt Lewis

        I love it! thank so much for sharing this with me! Its perfect for what i wanted! and vibrates for clicks on other things than just the keyboard. Thanks!

  • didn’t work on my ipod