We’ve complained, on more than one occasion, about the high rate of piracy on iOS. It’s not uncommon to see pirated copies make up 90% or more of an app’s total download numbers. It’s bad.

But apparently, it’s even worse on Android. Popular mobile developer Madfinger Games says it has decided to make its Dead Trigger title free due to rampant piracy on Google’s platform…

From the developer’s Facebook page:

“Regarding price drop. HERE is our statement. The main reason: piracy rate on Android devices, that was unbelievably high. At first we inter to make this game available for as many people as possible – that’s why it was [offered] for as little as a buck…

However, even for one buck, the piracy rate is sooooo giant, that we finally decided to provide DEAD TRIGGER for free.”

Dead Trigger is a first person shooter of the zombie genre, released on both iOS and Android earlier this year. The game has been praised for its console-quality graphics, and addictive gameplay.

At this point, the developers have not lowered the price of Dead Trigger in the App Store — it’s still listed at $0.99. It’s sad that even a buck is too expensive to thwart piracy these days.

[The Verge]

  • I have to admit. I buy cracked apps because I have a reason which is I can’t use my parents Credit Card which is somehow can’t be used for online purchases. And I have to go way far to buy an iTunes gift card. But there is just one thing, I don’t download apps I don’t need, I downloaded Whatsapp and DoodleJump and Tweetbot only. After all I’m still against crack but with it for the necessary stuff that should be free.

    • f96lrs

      if u cant pay a buck u don’t need a iphone.

      • If you can’t pay an iPhone, you don’t need cell phone ;p

      • He doesn’t have to need it though

      • What if the phone was given by parents as a gift? Don’t be such hypocrite…

      • Then your parents should whoop your ass? Don’t be such an idiot. Work for your money like a soon to be adult.

    • smtp25

      ” for the necessary stuff that should be free.” why should it be free, did someone not put their time into something you find useful but won’t pay for? Why dont you just stock up iTunes cards. At least be honest with your self that you are stealing/pirating – justifying it by saying you don’t steal much doesn’t make it right.

      • They don’t sell these cards here lol, and even if they did and there was no way of downloading pirated apps I wouldn’t pay for them. It’s just something that seems stupid spending money on + most of the apps stay on my iPhone for a week as I have not found addicting enough app yet.

      • Kok Hean

        Try FreeMyApps,you can get legitimate gift cards there.

    • Mohamed Hassabo

      If you can’t get a gift card because it’s far away to get, then don’t get the app until you can.

  • That’s really fair to the rest of us who paid for the app id like my dollar back!

  • Charles Valdez

    It was released last month -_- not early this year. Console quality graphics? Pfft. Addictive gameplay? Yeah right.

    I’m sure it was pirated as much as on iOS like Android.

  • ThisBrian

    It’s hard for me to believe 90% of apps are pirated on iOS, I wouldn’t think even 20% of the iPhone population is jailbroke. If that’s so not many were going to buy the app anyway. Not that I think piracy is ok, I pay for all of my apps unless they are listed as free.

    • “It’s not uncommon to see pirated copies make up 90% or more of an app’s total download numbers. It’s bad.”

      RTFA. It’s not saying 90% of apps are pirated on iOS. It’s saying that for some apps their downloads consist of 10% legitimate and 90% pirated.

    • When they can get everything for free, people won’t stop at one or two. While people on budget might buy a couple of apps, pirates might have no problem at downloading hundreds of pirated apps, as it comes to no cost to them.

  • Nicolas Loots

    I can understand piracy of $200 – $300 apps, but one buck? Are you fucking kidding me? I also pirate apps but only to try them before I buy them.

    • maurid


      • Nicolas Loots

        If you think I’m lying, that’s your problem.
        Btw wtf has Jehova’s Witness something to do with this anyway?

      • Last time I checked, this blog had to with Apple, not religion. So keep religion out of it.

      • maurid

        Yeah! Right away, buy ONLY because YOU asked me to!


      • Yeah! And you’re a DUMBASS only because you’ve PROVEN it to me!


      • Keep religion out of this Blog, please.

  • Got2001

    Haha.I think the developer have no idea for android.
    So ,free the game.

    • maurid

      Yeah, I have no idea of what you’re trying to say.

  • maurid

    In my case, there is no Play Store for my country and I have tried from new accounts to US proxies to have a decent Store account, to no avail. So I have no choice, but to search for the cracked “.apk” files on Google (ironically enough). And I had the same problem a few months ago when I still had an iPhone.

    • Thats reason i dump my htc and change to ios

      • quote: And I had the same problem a few months ago when I still had an iPhone.

  • Dan

    wrong post

  • How can you pirate an android game? as much as i know all the games i donwload on my Samsung galaxy are all for free ( full version ) from google play…such as Fruit ninja , talking tom ..
    .On fruit ninja its written : Fruit Ninja Free but its the full version

    I think that Android is already jailbroken

    • Manuel Molina

      The APK file (the app) is easy to get. When someone buys the app, they use a file manager to save the app onto their memory card. It saves as an APK file, then people upload it. Android is open source, so things like this are super easy to do.

    • Manuel Molina

      Android is easy to pirate. Someone buys an app, then they use a file manager app (free and in the Android market) to save the application onto their memory card, which saves as an APK file. From there, you can upload it onto a website where someone can download it. Then the person downloads the APK onto their phone, and you’re good. Since Android comes with file managers right out the box now, rooting the phone is not even needed to get these apps.

      • EpicFacepalm

        It’s almost the same in jailbroken iOS devices the only difference is cracked ipa’s are decrypted before uploaded using Crackulous.

      • Kurt Lewis

        hmmm, I wonder how you know

      • EpicFacepalm

        I used it to decrypt an app to analyze in IDA and reported the bugd I have found to the devs. They didn’t care to update the app. The worse is it was a knowledge contest with prize.

  • ylrd

    Whoa, this is fucking sad.

  • nvog

    hahaha, what he means is… he has decided to make its Dead Trigger title NOT free, BUT freemium !!!!

    And he still complains…

    What a hypocrite.

  • I shelled out the buck for this game. I was impressed with the low price. I figure if developers dont get paid for their work then whats their incentive to make anything more then dog turds. So to people that pirate just keep it up, but you guys will be the ones complaining when there is no market for IOS

    • BoardDWorld

      The pirated apps figures are obtained from Android. iOS is around 30% pirated. This post is to keep everyone aware of what they’re doing by pirating, you’re directly killing your ecosystem. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it for just a buck, awesome deal. I gladly paid a lot more when they first released ShadowGun.

      • Kurt Lewis

        are these just made up percentages? I just doubt the file hosting sites are giving away their figures.

  • slowdeath

    But I don’t have a credit card, and I don’t want to fork over 15-25 bucks for app apple card for a dollar app. Let’s jailbreak, get installous and let the madfingering begin!

    • So you bought an apple device that cost minimum up to 200 dollars but you can’t buy an iTunes card which is worth like 10 bucks or more you’re such a shame.

      • slowdeath

        My parents got it for me!

    • You need a credit or debit card just to have an itunes account. Nice try troll fuck

  • Gorgonphone

    they can go to hell… if angry crappy birds can make money so can they

  • Developer was not forced to make his app free he decided to, your title for this article is a joke.

  • Piracy completely destroys the app stores, with stuff like this happening we are going to see more and more FREEMIUM games.

    Tbh I have installous and use it to test games if I like I go to the AppStore and buy it, if not its deleted straight away. I feel some sort of trial system is needed on the AppStore where you can test apps, this would completely stop me and many others from using installous.

    • From what I know apptrackr plans to shut down if a trial system is put in place, I could be wrong though

  • Usama Ahmad

    i want to make something perfectly clear, its nt the buck, its just that in 90% of the countries, an online payment is not easy,hell there r no itunes gift cards available even, i have enough physical money to pay for all these apps, oh did i forget to mention no paypal here either, i so wanted to buy portal 2 from the stream summer sale but could nt

  • Id willing pay for any app i like but the problem is in my country no apps or games are there compared to the us app store which leaves me with no other alternative than installous. Apple please create a global appstore !!!

    • EpicFacepalm

      Also they need to make localized AppStore descriptions feature.

    • No im from germany and i have a US account to download apps

  • So if we keep pirating apps they will become free? cool cool

    • So if I go to where you work and keep stealing your merchandise or service you’ll work for free? Cool cool

  • Im usually very cheap. But a buck is a nice price for an app. The time it takes to find an android download makes the buck all worth it imo

  • This shows that apple needs to implement some sort of demo for apps. We’ve all purchased apps we’ve regretted and some people have obviously had it with the lack of lite versions for certain expensive apps. Maybe a 7-day trial would help? Just sayin EVERYBODY would be happy.