Sparrow for iPhone debuted in February of 2011 and remains to date known as a kick-ass email client for both desktop and mobile. Those that love Sparrow appreciate its best-in-class Gmail support, clean and minimalistic interface and just the right set of features.

But Sparrow got snapped up by the Internet giant Google today (looks like this is becoming somewhat of a pattern for Google). From what we know so far, the Sparrow development team will be “working on new things at Google” and they “do not plan to release new features for the Sparrow apps”.

This likely means ‘no’ to the promised iPad version and another ‘no’ to push alerts for incoming messages. It’s assumably a sad day for Sparrow die-hards, so I just put together a little poll to gauge your feelings on the subject of today’s unexpected acquisition…

Here, cast your vote.

And don’t forget to share your analysis down in the comments.

  • Evostance

    Wheres the “Good Google: they bought Sparrow just to strip iPhone of another exclusive” option?

    • very very good question ^^

    • What the fucking fuck?
      Are you high or stupid?

      Care you explain this further… Google is not “good”.
      Google is running scared, and if the only tactics they have resorted to are buying out exclusives for other platforms then give up right now kids. Take a box of crayons and a colouring in book then go sit at the kids table where you belong.

      Jelly Bean is another example of how Google doesn’t reinvent, they steal — and not just from iOS either, from WinMo 8 as well.

      • F-LOL. They bought an app that was a mail client for iOS and Mac. What the frig does that have to do with running scared? Apple are the ones running scared, they sue sue sue and the best they can “innovate” is a high res screen and a voice assistant they bought.

        PS. Voice search, device search, text to speech, voice to text, social integration, drop down notifications, push notifications, do not disturb and plenty more have been in Android way longer than in iOS.

      • Apple invented the first iconic phone that people wanted to see touch and use… With our this phone what phones would we be using now ? Would android be what it is today ? I don’t think it would , just take a l

      • Look at the phone there were working on when the iPhone was shown back in 2007 .. That was not a phone you would want

      • Evostance

        I think the announcement of the iPhone 5 and its amazing new features just proved me right. Nothing new here, move along

      • Yeah, apple invented iTunes.. oh wait..they bought it… Apple invented os x .. oh wait… Apple invented everything. what was first ? the egg or the hen ? Apple !.

        No seriously. Google buys them, they get money to work on Sparrow. Sparrow won’t be “stripped from iOS”. It will maybe get better

      • The only one running scared here is Apple. That is why you see them in the courtroom fighting to block their competition more than you see them implementing new and exciting features to their products. Apple is not an innovator, just a very, very good advertiser. Seems as if all those advertisements and their “magic” marketing brainwashed another poor sucker. Sucks to be you.

      • Hey… Are you speculating that, every person in the world is “brainwashed” by Apple? Well, this Is how it works for me and others in Sweden:
        1. We have less advertising on Apple stuff, Friends & Family + Internet talk..
        2. We have no ‘True’ Apple store to wait outside, we just order it normally and wait at home, doing other stuff…
        3. I didn’t buy it because of “magic” marketing sh*t, because it is the best phone ever I’ve ever had in my entire life!

      • You’re very bad at assuming. Where have I stated that every person on the planet is brainwashed by Apple?
        Some users genuinely prefer iOS over anything else offered on the market, users like yourself, which is perfectly fine. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. But others, like that disgrace I was replying to, who simply deny, ignore and confuse (DIC) facts, twist reality, and blatantly lie… Are the ones I have issues with.

      • Ok do, who is/are the person/persons that by your description, ‘sucks to be you’? Who are you targeting exactly, by saying that? And also, picking up the ‘brainwashed’ by Apple thingy, can be miss leading cause every one in the world, owns an iPhone

  • I Literally laughed out loud at the last option

  • This is how business works, people. Get used to it. Instead of hating on Google for doing this, you should thank them for giving Apple ideas for notification center, lockscreen camera shortcut, social services integration, do not disturb feature and many, many others.

    • Spoken like a true ‘droid fanboy, no doubt.

      How about Google thanking Apple for the 4% Apple have paid them every year for Maps, the fact that it’s the highest amount that any single company pays Google.

      How about Google thanks Apple for the idea behind Google Voice in Jelly Bean, not to mention how the layout looks coincidentally the same… Surely, I am not the only one that had noticed that.

      How about Google thanks Apple for kick starting smart phones, without Apple no one, and I mean no one, would be in the market for a smart phone or even a tablet…so come down from which ever cloud you’re on, stop breathing in all those gases that are making you just a little too high and realise that Google has to thank Apple for far more then Apple has to thank Google for.

      Oh … and one more thing, your concept of “many, many others” remember that there were companies out there BEFORE Android was even conceived and when it comes to sales not one individual company comes close to selling the number of units Apple does. That is all.

      • Same argument was said 7 years ago when RIM/Blackberry was king.. Or HP… or Microsoft.. Business changes, even Apple was close to bankrupcy 20 years ago.. so please don’t think that Apple is the only never ending story and King and happy ever after. How about Apple beeing sued for Siri? Patent was granted 2007.. so who stole what? My 7 year old Blackberry had voice search and voice control. Way before Apple. Apple has just one big luck: blind guys at the patent agency. They somehow managed to get trivial patents on stuff with lots of prior art.
        Sure, Apple somehow started the Touchphones (not smartphones. My nokia communicator was already a smartphone, same for my blackberrys). They brought Touchphones to the masses. They didn’t invent Apps.. Nokia did that before. I had lots of Apps from the nokia store, long before itunes/itunes store existed. Apple simply took other peoples ideas and made them popular. But they did NOT invent everything..

      • Evostance


      • well they invented at least something. Fanboyism and a Cult of Apple ^^ (a semi religious fanaticism) ^^

      • Evostance

        This was stolen from Star Trek and Nix

      • Well i’m talking of real technology. Sure there was a voice search (with Majel Baretts Voice^^)… And actually Star Trek also had a pad computer and multitouchscreens too..
        But in terms of real technology, Apple wasn’t the inventor

      • True droid fanboy? Well I guess I’m the first of the kind without an actual droid.
        How about you come to your senses and realize that Apple is not that big of an innovator as you consider it to be? All the features you see on the iPhone, have already been used in other products. Even now, more than five years later, you see competition driving innovation and Apple trying to catch up. Name one, ONE feature in iOS 6 that hasn’t already been implemented in another product!
        When Apple steals other ides, everything is perfectly fine, but when other do the same thing to Apple, the whole community turns on it’s head. Multitouch and pinch to zoom, idea dating back to 1991. Slide to unlock, Implemented on the Neonode N1 in 2003. Just look at the LG Prada, released months before the iPhone, but yet, COINCIDENTALLY, they shared so many features.
        The important thing to remember is that users on both sides benefit from this kind of copying. What I’m really annoyed by are people like yourself who blindly take sides without taking into consideration all the facts, and scream at others for being fanboys when they speak their mind and point out the hypocrisy.

      • +1 My friend.

        “The important thing to remember is that users on both sides benefit from this kind of copying. What I’m really annoyed by are people like yourself who blindly take sides without taking into consideration all the facts, and scream at others for being fanboys when they speak their mind and point out the hypocrisy.”

        Tis’ exactly what I do on this blog, I offer my valuable opinion when asked, and defend it when other people assert that I’m wrong. I have owned Android devices, and still do. But my current phone is an iPhone and I love it. But I will be damned before anyone calls me a fanboy. I respect all OS’s equally, and don’t prefer any of them. And until people realize this, I will continually combat their ignorance with my knowledge.

      • Please show me where I said “Apple invented voice command” or “Apple created slide to unlock”.

        Fact of the matter is Apple do it better. They always have and they always will. If Apple patients something but LG doesn’t, hard luck for them.

        Steve even said at every chance he had that he looks at a situation wether it be digital music, portable music players, mobile phones, tablets, even set top boxes and thinks HOW CAN WE DO IT BETTER??

        As I said before, stop breathing all those gases and come back to Earth. Once you do, have a read of what I typed and then come back to me with answers to those questions. As for the PRADA, you think Apple stole that idea after the phone was released and never thought of it before the phone came out?

        If I am wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it and certainly I agree that fanboyism/itis (whatever you want to call it) flows through my blood but there are many times I have disagreed with Apple, their products and their actions so learn a little about me before you judge hey?

  • im fine with the native mailing client in iOS……… especially in iOS 6

  • MacSnider

    using the current version (iOS & Mac) until it’ to buggy =/

  • Scott Whitlow

    Where is the “Bad sparrow: you screwed your user base with a promise of a new iPad app and now there will not be one” option?

  • samdchuck

    Couldn’t care about this half assed mail client before, don’t care about it now.

  • RW @Christian Zibreg Give us a damn YES/NO poll, will you? >.<

  • Dan

    I tried Sparrow a few times but I always went back to stock. Good for Google but this won’t change anything for me. Was sort of looking forward to seeing it on Ipad though, I just found the iPhones’ screen too small to really enjoy the swipe functions.

  • It sucks they’re going to basically strip iOS users of those new features such as push and iPad versions; also was hoping they’d get to where they could add Exchange functionality, too, but no good. I may end up switching back to the stock Mail app. 🙁

  • Xavier du Coudray

    does that also means no Retina display upgrade for the new macbook line? :s

  • chjode

    I do all my email through Gmail, but I just use the mobile website on iPhone and iPad.

  • Francesco Sgaramella

    I’m cheesed. Now I don’t feel like using Sparrow for iOS or OSX anymore.
    Not that the stock Mail programs are poor by comparison, but they just feel dated, like they haven’t been updated in forever, especially on iPhone.
    Adding a skin with winterboard ain’t doin shit for mail in iOS.

  • eI am not impressed with Sparrow for iPhone at all! I delete a message and couple seconds later it pops right back up. WTF! Facebook app used to do this same shit! But I expected a little more out of a mail client that was spoken so highly of. Also I deleted sparrow and now Back i am back on the Native iOS mail clent. Much better. Its def lacking some features but at least it has the basic email control down and deletes emails the way its supposed to. But atleast with the tweaks in Cydia I can make Native mail the way I want. (for the most part)

  • air naji

    I am going to look into getting a refund now. These companies (Facebook , Samsung & Google ) just buy & steal creativity . It’s starting to get annoying now…

  • GoodBye-Sparrow For iOS!Hello For Sparrow- Android Version ONLY.