iTunes Match, Apple’s scan-and-match music service (also doubling as a streaming service of sorts), is being rolled out in Hungary, Poland and several other markets, it’s been revealed today. This is in addition to an expansion in late April that saw iTunes Match roll out in Greece, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria and other markets…

9to5Mac first received tips about the iTunes Match roll-out, as reported by Jordan Kahn:

We are receiving several tips that Apple has started rolling out the iTunes Match service in Poland, Hungary, and possibly a few other unconfirmed markets.

According to, iTunes Match costs 24.99 euros in Hungary, reflecting the price point in other European markets like Italy.

Apple’s support document lists 55 iTunes Match-enabled countries, but was not updated to include the new markets at press time.

iTunes Match scans users’ music library to find matching songs in the iTunes Store. Users can then upgrade their local files to their 256Kbps AAC versions from the iTunes Store and download or stream those songs to computers and iOS devices authorized with the same iTunes account.

It also gives you piece of mind knowing that all your iTunes purchases and matched songs are kept in a secure iCloud locker as long as you continue paying an annual fee of $25 bucks.

If you spotted iTunes Match going live in your country, let us know down in the comments.

  • I really like Itunes Match, It’s nice when you have lots of music and a 16gb iphone and no ipod…

  • J M

    I wish there was a trial period for itunes match…

  • Qlobster

    iTunes Match in combination with an AppleTV works like a charm!! can play all my 50 GB of music on my iPhone, Macbook and AppleTV without actual having the music on any HD.

    • seyss

      Home sharing does that but requires your PC on but does not requires internet

      • Qlobster

        Your pc doesn’t have to be on. you can start playing your music using your iPhone, iPod or iPad, it does however requires the internet. the music isn’t even physically on my PC, i’ve deleted all my music on my HD

      • seyss

        I was talking about Home Sharing