Google unveiled the Nexus 7 last month to much fanfare. And although its price and screen size don’t really line up with the latest iPad, many reviewers are still using Apple’s tablet as a point of reference.

You’ve probably already seen all of the speed and performance comparisons between the two slates, but what about durability? That’s right it’s drop test time. Nexus 7 versus the iPad, round one, fight!

The folks at SquareTrade have done it again. They’ve pitted two competing products against each other in a series of completely non-scientific drop tests to see which one proves more durable. And the winner?

It would appear that the Nexus 7 comes out on top, thanks to its size, weight, and rubberized backing. Surprisingly, the tablet managed to survive a number of falls without suffering any major screen damage.

It’s also impressive that the touch screens on both the Nexus 7 and iPad continued to work after being completely submerged in water. I’ve always found that severe water damage results in immediate malfunction.

As we said before, these tests hold zero scientific value. And in the end, it’s probably a good idea to put a case on either tablet. But still, we have to admit, it’s always fun watching people intentionally break things.

What’s your take on the drop test?


  • Estapleto

    I always find it funny whenever one these tests pops up, as I find it irrelevant. whenever your ipad falls on the floor, or your “7”, it’s going to be a factor a of luck if your device comes out intact or not.

    • Not necessarily weight distribution has a lot to do with how it will fall or how it will land in this case.

      • Hyr3m

        Do you mean to say the nexus 7 is designed to always land on its feet ? 😛

      • We should tape it to a leaf of bread and butter, so we have a infinite turning device => perpetuum mobile.

        On tho the subject.. I have a 3G, which i gave to my brother, who doesn’t really care for things. He dropped it multiple times, mostly damage done to the plastic back cover or to the corners. Four days ago it fell kinda unlucky from his pants and landed so unlucky on a foot of a chair so the display broke. Luckily you can buy the glas cover alone for 18 eur on ebay, so the exchange was really cheap.

        My iphone 4S is a whoping 149 Eur when it should break

      • when = if ^^

  • I want to cry

  • Manuel Molina

    Was it me or did the 7 screw up big in the end of the video when it switched up entirely on the opposite orientation?

    When dropping these devices, it’s just the luck of the draw. Dropped my 4S from the second floor and didnt’t crack; it had huge scuffs. My friend dropped his SGIII from his bed in his room, and he cracked the corner of the screen. In reality, It could have been the other way around.

    • Charles Valdez

      My iPad does that as well o.O and the Nexus 7 was dropped in water so yeah.

      It’s a Nexus 7 made by Asus and you comparing a Galaxy S III made by Samsung. Yeup, Android hater.

      • Manuel Molina

        Dude, learn how to read. I compared a story of my iPhone not cracking, and my friends phone cracking. I said it could have been the other way around. That meant that my iPhone could have cracked and the SGIII could have came out unharmed. That’s why I said its the luck of the draw. Learn how to read.

    • ZZ

      It was probably locked to that orientation, which youtube overrides and goes full screen when its turned into landscape.

      • Manuel Molina


      • macboy74

        So screen locks upside down? Funny mine don’t do that.

    • One litte question. How expensive and how hard was it to switch the screen on the SG3 ? I had to replace the broken glass on a Iphone3G (20eur with shipping, could change it myself quite easily) and a Iphone 4S, which I couldn’t do myself and had to have it replaced by apple for 149 Eur. Any infos what he had to pay for the SG3 ? On the Iphone4/4S the glasscover is glued to the lcd display, so you can’t just switch the glas cover alone.

      • Manuel Molina

        I’m not sure but he returned it and got a new one.

  • This is one of the most unfair drop tests I have seen yet.

    • How?

      • They hit the ground at complete different angles. Each time the iPad hit the ground it hit the corner. With the Nexus 7, each time was in the back.

      • maurid

        Yeah, well gravity is a bitch.

      • Yeah well they are built differently and have different weight distribution. The only way to make them fall equally is with a machine. This is what an average drop is like for both devices so that’s what would happen in real life and isn’t that what these tests are all about? I’d say the only unfair thing about this drop test is that you can’t compare a 7inch tablet with a 10inch when there is such a big weight difference. Obviously the iPad being bigger and heavier will fall with more force thus being more prone to breaking. Without machines to drop these perfectly, no drop test is ever really fair.

      • You can compare a 7-inch with a 10-inch, because at the end of the day, if you have an iPad, it’s heavier, therefore more prone to breaking. This test doesn’t mean that one tablet is superior to the other, because you can’t compare manufacturing quality itself when the tablets are so different. But what you can compare is when you drop an iPad it’s probably more prone to breaking than a Nexus 7, because the Nexus 7 is lighter. It doesn’t mean it’s a better quality tablet, it just means it doesn’t drop with as much force. It’s still important to know what will hold up better, considering you’re spending your money on it and want to know how it will hold up.

        I think if you’re fonna buy a tablet you should take enough care not to drop it at all, but accidents happen.

        As a side note, I agree that this test is inaccurate and a waste of money, considering how much human error is involved and how few trials were done. But it’s better than nothing. Moral of the story, take care of your expensive tablets!

  • JaeM1llz

    Wasn’t a very scientific test…. no controls whatsoever. They should have ensured that both devices impacted on the same point of the device, like Estapleto said when a device drops, the extent of the damage relies mostly on luck.

    • maurid

      It says it was a completely non-scientific test.

      • JaeM1llz

        Then it’s a complete waste of time and thousands of dollars.

      • Yeap

  • This is one of the most STUPID test I have ever seen. There is no scientific reason to believe this test is accurate. One major factor is the weight of the devices, new iPad weighs nearly double of the nexus 7 (23 oz vs 12 oz). Obviously heavy object get more damages than the lighter one. The test was done by two retards by randomly dropping the devices on the floor, both times iPad hit on the floor by the corner. It was funny though watching two nerds ruining two tablets for no reason.

    • I agree. Ipad is much heavier therefore it will get damaged much easier when is dropped. Also the way they dropped both devices was different.

  • seyss

    The water test was so jaw dropping

  • ahoes these people dont know how to do drop tests! everyone saw how the nexus 7 started to fail horribly at the end they didnt want to recognize that they just cut the video.. not fair.. ipad lost sound but nexus 7 accelerometer started to fail a lot.

  • Did u notice that he says no sound on the video on ipad when the whole video is stuck and most propably was not buffering where as the nexus video was still playing. idiot way to say no sound on ipad imo.

  • This kind of comparison is as stupid as collide cars against a wall and see which one is better.

  • M Last

    sick people!!!!!
    I hate you!

  • These drop tests are always bias

  • No matter what, I still go with the iPad! Besides that drops was totally rigged, the nexus always landed on it’s back, while the iPad landed on its edges and face down. So the iPad is the real winner considering the fact that it survived the falls on its vulnerable regions! Any tablet can survive more that 5 falls on its rubber backs!

    Likeif you agree!

  • I think I’m just Going to keep a case on my iPad I’m waiting for a lifeproof iPad case

  • Total Bullshit test where those idiots waste thousands of bucks to prove a non-scientific and retarded test, The iPad was clearly buffering thus had no sound. The noob fandroid clearly doesn’t know how to use an apple product. I have an iPad.

  • If u don’t believe me why is the video not playing like it did on the nexus?

  • Ok after watching the video there’s some excuses first in the 2 drops the ipad fell in a corner which is obviously gonna make more damage than if it falls plain and when they play the video after the water proof test in the ipad you can tell right away that the video stop loading and how’s it gonna play if is not loaded? wtf I don’t even use tablets but come on it’s obvious.

  • i don’t get it.. instead of dropping and drowning those devices, send them to me… i’d watch out on them… 🙂

  • Square Trade. Any relation to Consumer Reports? If you play this back in
    slo mo you will see just how unscientific this is. You might think the
    water test was a no brainer but I noticed on one of the drop tests that
    the Nexus had some clear tape over the accessory slots. Details, details, details.

  • macboy74

    How do you lose sound on video that is not running? Lol

  • gay geeks recording themselves breaking ipads is very very lame.. next

  • ConnectedOne

    I can tell you right now, you were just lucky, since I dropped a Nexus 7 – technically, it slipped free of the plastic wrap when I took it out of the box for the first time. It fell three feet face down, cracked the glass, and plastic bits off the face came apart in pieces. Fortunately, the store let me swap it out for another one.

    In any case, it’s still a much better deal for those of us who don’t want to part with $500 for a toy.

  • This is stupid = applefanboi
    This is great = androidfanboi

    Watch their other videos in their channel. More favors for ios products against androids.

  • Irfan Tarique

    any one who knows physics, knows that the ipad falls faster than other tablets. jk

  • shaurz

    Not really a fair test, since the iPad is much bigger and heavier.

  • Aaron Cawte

    I don’t see why people are complaining that it is not a scientific test? Next time you drop your iPad in some water exactly 1 metre away from the water and at a precise angle of 90 degrees to it, do tell me.
    The test is designed to simulate real accidents. This video showed that the Nexus 7 has a better build quality than the iPad and it suggests that a scientific test would have the same result. It doesn’t claim to prove it.
    And to those who argue that the iPad always falls on its corner, perhaps you could even credit Asus and Google for designing the 7 in such a way that it will always land on its back. Similar to a cat I guess.

  • My Nexus 7 was droped to from table to the floor(wood) and broked screen
    ,couldnt find any spare parts to replase.its fold down not by corner but by the face, and gorilla glass broked what is very i think that is gorilla glass its more advertising step than ist real safety of screen