CydiaBlog points us to a few purported cases for a sixth-generation iPhone, currently on sale over at TVC-Mall. These look just about right given the rumors calling for a taller iPhone with a two-tone design and a metal backplate that have been piling up recently. These cases also confirm leaked schematics and engineering samples which depict a FaceTime camera at the center and a smaller dock connector at the bottom.

It’s been reported this morning that thousands of job seekers are currently lined up outside of Foxconn’s Chengdu, China plant, all vying for a number of summer job openings which could mean that Foxconn is ramping up hiring as it is getting ready to manufacture the iPhone 5, as the Japanese blog Macotakara suggested last week…

Here’s another case.

And this one, showing a cutout area that clearly aligns with whispers of a smaller dock connector coming to all iOS devices.

Things to note: a smaller dock connector, bigger speaker holes and the headphone jack moving from top of the device to the bottom.

A notice on the TVC-Mall website warns:

As iPhone 5 has not been unveiled, we can’t guarantee this product can be used in iPhone 5. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer service representatives.

Of course, case leaks are not unusual ahead of an iPhone launch. Just last week, we spotted over at Alibaba a number of cases purported to be made for the next iPhone. This doesn’t mean the cases are the real deal.

We still remember the last year’s fiasco when accessory makers ordered thousands of cases based on the rumors of a teardrop shaped iPhone 5 design which never came to be.

Case makers are willing to gamble because the difference between arriving late to the party and having an attractive case for the next iPhone ready from day one can be measured in millions of (lost) revenue. Sometimes, of course, case makers get it right, base on tidbits they receive from their manufacturing sources.

What do you think about these new cases? Could they be the real deal?


  • ew the headphone jack went down low.

  • I’ll bet the new iPhone looks nothing like any of these mockups at all!

    • well it better look better cause ijf it does not apple will look bad..

  • I hope these are not real. Seems too boxy and there is no place for volume buttons.

    • I have that exact same case for my 4S. the material is called TPU and they are very very cheap cases to make I imagine because you can pick them up up on ebay for just a couple dollars shipped. Protects my iPhone well.

      But as far as this being real……..who knows. All i Know I cant wait for the next iphone to come out!

  • BM

    Last year It was also said that the cases ‘look just about right, but we got a 4S…

  • Teo Hacoupians

    I think someone who is good in photoshop made this photos from the concepts .

  • headphones to the bottom ??? WHY ???

  • The headphone jack won’t move to the bottom of the device because the iPod touch 1G used to have it there. If you look to the current version of the iPod touch you will see the headphone jack on the same position with the iPhone 4S. Moving the headphone jack to the bottom of the device would be a step back and Apple doesn’t reuse old designs.

  • I hate them all.How many trees must die for those cases which maybe nobody needs…Save the world….Taktik case is the best.Thanks IDB for the info at kickstarter…