There’s been a lot of talk over the past few days regarding AT&T and the new FaceTime over cellular feature in  iOS 6. The carrier has yet to deny accusations that it will charge customers extra for Apple’s video calling service.

But it looks like Sprint customers can rest easy. A spokesperson for the company has just confirmed that it has no intentions of charging their subscribers extra for the new FaceTime feature…

The Wall Street Journal Reports:

“Sprint Nextel Corp., which still offers unlimited data to new and existing users on its network, said it has no plans to erect pricing barriers to FaceTime.

“We are committed to our unlimited data and that means not charging for data consumption based on the application,” a spokeswoman said.”

As we’ve said before, Sprint’s dedication to unlimited data may prove to be pivotal for the carrier in the coming months. If the next iPhone, which is expected to drop sometime in October, really is LTE-capable, Sprint will have to find some way to market against carriers with bigger, faster 4G networks.

But with Verizon already in the process of nudging its customers off of legacy unlimited plans, and AT&T recently announcing new data plans of its own, Sprint is certainly in a unique position. The question is, what will customers go for? Network speed and coverage, or bottomless data plans.

Which one is more important to you?


  • Ricky

    I myself am a sprint customer and I’m in favor of staying with sprints unlimited data plan. I have never had any coverage problems and the speed is not that bad. I have compared speeds with my friends that have Verizon and At&t.

    • Matthew Annett

      Not from US, but i will say this about LTE vs 4g. 4 g produces 7mbps, LTE produces 28 to 42 mbps in real world use. You think that is impressive? Upload which will be imperitive in video calling, 1 to 3 upload versus 21 to 38

      • Ricky

        Sorry Mathew barely saw your reply I’m afraid I’ve been away from iDownloadblog far too long.

  • Network speed isn’t bad anymore on Sprint. I don’t know why people still say it’s slow; it’s faster than Verizon in my area, and many other areas I went.

  • What’s ur average bill with sprint cause I have AT&T and mine is 120 for two iPhones I want to switch but I’m still thinking

    • Daniel Spinner


      • Aerobahn

        Holy shit US cellular is expensive. I get 4gb / 200 calls / 4000 sms/mms to whole world for like 30 usd.