Rumors that Apple has been looking to trim the size of the dock connector in future iOS products started back in February of this year. It’s believed that the company is making the change in an effort to save space inside of its devices.

We’ve since seen the smaller dock connector on a number of “leaked” next-gen iPhone components, cases and more. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you that the change is coming, check out this newly-granted patent…

Macworld points to a new patent, granted to Apple today, that describes potential changes to the data and power port on Apple’s hardware. The filing is titled, “Power Adaptors for Powering And/Or Charging Peripheral Devices”

And here’s the really interesting part, found in the patent’s description:

“It would be desirable to remove the total number of connections made to a peripheral device so as to reduce the number of connectors and cables needed to operate the peripheral device. By reducing the number of connectors and cables, the peripheral size and the cost of the product may be decreased as well as the ease of use of the peripheral device may be improved (less cables to tote around).

This sounds an awful lot like the reasoning we keep hearing behind why Apple is expected to switch to a new charging port in its new smartphone this fall. Recent reports point to a smaller 19-pin dock connector, instead of the traditional 30-pin one.

Obviously, none of this can be confirmed until we actually see the handset. But as the evidence continues to pile up, it’s starting to seem more and more likely. If nothing else, you may want to avoid expensive iPhone accessory purchases for a while.

  • it would be nice if they used the magsafe technology. ive lost count of how many times my ipod touch has been thrown to the floor cause i clipped the cable walking by lol

    • What’s MagSafe is that like wireless charging or something?

      • The cable is held to the charging port by a magnet instead of pushing into it. The MacBooks have had it for years.

      • Outhig

        Google it?!

      • Wow that’s original huh?

      • Outhig

        It’s common sense.

      • Actually it’s just you being rude but thats to be expected from you by now.

    • That’s a bad idea for data transfer. Nothing bad happens when a charger is suddenly disconnected, but with data it’s different. Something bad could easily happen.

      • Eric Armstrong

        That’s true, but I’d argue that a magsafe charger would hold just as strong as the current iphone charger. Try pulling the plug out of your mac, and then your iphone, youll see what i mean

      • Yeah they should include some type of locking mechanism to avoid that

      • id rather have my software screwed up then my ipod physically broken 😛

      • Howard Ellacott

        If you unplug an iPod in a sync, it just cancels the sync or carries on over wifi. I think it would be a much better idea! 😀

      • Outhig

        iOS can’t actually get too messed up. No matter what, you can always restore.

    • sjah07

      I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve knocked my iPod touch on the floor only to have it rescued from certain death by the cable. 🙂

  • Ricky

    Maybe you’ll be going to be able to charge it wirelessly. At least that’s the way it sounds to me.

    • i think there is already something for that, don’t you like buy this speacial mat thing and then you just place your idevice or something with battery on it, and it charges it?

      • Ricky

        True but you need to buy those separately and you need to change the back cover as well. I mean really have it implemented on the phone itself so you won’t have to change the back cover or pay extra.

  • They need to use the magnet charger like the Mac book pro

  • ghulamsameer

    There go the functionality of the 10+ cables I own.

    • Im sure after market adaptors will fix that problem very inexpensively.

  • Peter D

    maybe they should use micro usb like virtually every other phone manufacturer

  • AltF5

    If they wanted smaller why wouldn’t they just do USB mini? ..or are they scared that Google will file lawsuit the same way they are doing to others for “too similar of a design”.
    I feel that Apple avoids standard 🙁

  • It will be bad for my AppRadio 2. But I hope the new chords are more durible than the old ones.