Last month, Microsoft released an update to its My Xbox LIVE application that brought Xbox 360 control to the iPhone. The feature gave users the ability to control their consoles with an Apple-branded handset.

Yesterday, Microsoft released another update that brings that console control to the iPad…

From the app’s release notes:

“Use your iPad with your Xbox to connect, control and discover content on your console. Connect your iPad for access to a quick list of your most recent console activity. Control your content with play, pause, fast forward and rewind media controls. Find fresh entertainment to play in the new Discover section.”

While it doesn’t offer any advanced options, the control feature serves as a nice backup remote for your Xbox 360. Just make sure that the console has an active internet connection.

If you’re interested, you can grab the new My Xbox LIVE application from the App Store, for free.

What do you think of the updated iPad app?

  • Been using the iPhone app for this .. And now I’ll use my iPad instead .. The phone screen is just a bit to small

  • Would be cool if Sony released similiar App for the purpose of controlling ps3, with the iPad 🙂

    • notewar

      Good idea. But I think Sony will rather have it exclusively on their own Sony Tablet.

      • Yes, I can see that coming :/ Well, they may realize that Apple has lots of costumers owning an iPad, and perhaps develop something? Microsoft has enough balls to do it, at least 🙂

    • its called remote play… its been out for years on the PSP, and now the Vita… no its not iPad control… but this is nothing new or exciting… id still rather use my vita than my iPad to control the console.

      • Sorry somaxd, I don’t have a vita and I won’t buy one either… I prefer Nintendo 3ds, more fun though graphics are crap, but still, it’s more fun 🙂

  • Can’t wait for SmartGlass!!!

  • Tom

    This is OK. What would be awesome would be a piece of software that does the opposite: something that lets you use a 360 controller to control your iPad. That would bring a whole new dimension to games on the iPad. Some of the existing on screen controls suck!