Twelve South’s BookBook for the iPhone is arguably one of the most popular cases on the market today. Not only does it hold the handset, but it has a built-in wallet.

Jeff reviewed the original BookBook case for us last fall, calling it one of his favorite iPhone accessories. But up until now, the cover has only been available in brown…

Due to popular demand, Twelve South has decided to re-release its popular BookBook iPhone case in “Classic Black.” Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

“Twelve South is pleased to unveil a Classic Black version of its best-selling BookBook for iPhone 4/4S as well as a refreshed Vintage Brown version. Like the original, the new black version of BookBook marries a wallet with an iPhone case, creating one must-have accessory.”

For all of you folks that always said that you’d buy a BookBook case if it was ever offered in black, here you go. The new Classic Black version is compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S, and is available in online for $59.99.

It iss worth noting, however, that a new, larger iPhone is expected to drop sometime in the next few months. So keep that in mind while purchasing.

Are you going to be buying the new BookBook case?

  • Still no hole for the camera… try the
    iTALKonline Executive-Wallet Case it’s cheaper

    • The quality is significantly less however.

      • Ask yourself this: Is it worth 60$ to buy a BookBook while the iPhone 5 will be released in September?
        You can buy three of them for the price of one BookBook.
        Next thing is, the iTALKonline Executive-Wallet Case comes with a hand strip,so you can safely mount it to your wrist. And at least, it has a magnetic clip that keeps the case closed in your handbag.

  • Nice case but will it fit the iPhone 5 .. I’ve just been told that it’s coming September .. And the reason why.. to combat the Samsung galaxy 3 which is selling very well .. that’s right I’ve just been told … No names on who or where from .. But September I was told..

  • Bullshit Burge, you’ve not been told anything. Your just a sad dreamer!

    • First of all wtf do I get by saying this ? … That’s right fuck all.. I do not post on here if I want to tell lies , what the point .. 2nd if I was told this why should I not let others know on here.. Or are you the FUCKING IDB POLICE .. I think not… If you don’t like what I put don’t reply with bullshit because you don’t know me and have never spoke to me on here before .. So please prove to me that I’ve not been told this … Come on I dare you.. Oh you can’t can you … Why, oh that’s right you don’t know me do you …

    • I guess maybe he wasn’t completely full of it!

  • I like the iPad case even more and I think I’m going for it soon 🙂

  • pegger1

    I have the brown Book Book. While I love the case, I find it a huge annoyance to have to slide the phone out to use the camera. Although I think a camera hole would ruin the look of it, they should make the camera more easily accessible, maybe with the back side flipping open.

    • just push your thumb up like to inches bro! Though the top leather blocks a small portion of the screen


  • Falk M.

    My bumper is literally falling apart, but I won’t be buying a new one for my iPhone 4 due to the 6th gen iPhone being right around the corner 🙂

  • Ahhh.. this is duh sexy. Time to go save up for one.

  • Troll-free zone.

  • Rob

    They have a hole in the new iPhone 5 BookBook case and I must say it looks rather tacky
    And takes away that “vintage book” style. and it has a plastic snap-in casing which also looks cheap. Stop complaining about the damn camera hole. It really isn’t a big deal considering the fact that the reason for buying is how it looks and what it can do. by far, as stated, the camera hole is terrible looking.