Nothing stirs controversy in our comments more than the rumored iPad mini. Big media is throwing its credence behind it, pundits and analysts are calling for it, watchers offer their pros and cons as purported schematics, case molds, blurry photos and production rumors continue to leak all over the web, seemingly pointing to a fall launch.

And with Google’s Nexus 7 off to a brisk start and garnering media attention, the iPad mini seems all but given at this point. We ask you to forget for a second everything you’ve read and take a long hard look at the prospect of a smaller, cheaper, really thin iPad sitting between $249 and $299, perhaps even as low as $199.

Is there a reason for it to exist? Should Apple do it or pass on smaller slates Steve Jobs famously ridiculed as tweener tablets. Cast your vote below…

Should Apple do the darn thing, the consensus out there appears to be that it’ll retain the iPad 2’s 1024-by-768 resolution for backwards compatibility with existing apps (screen size comparison with other tablets here).

Technicalities aside (because Apple probably will find a way to engineer a smaller iPad without introducing a new screen resolution), Apple’s long been rumored to expand the iPad with a smaller model in order to cover a wider range of price points, just as it had successfully done in the past with the iPod music player.

Increased competition from Amazon and Google (and let’s not forget Microsoft) might have hastened Apple’s plans, as I recently opined.

Here, cast your vote now.

Feel free to explain your vote reasoning down in the comments.

And please, no sandpaper humor, these jokes are getting old.

  • RyanStOnge

    For an iPad user like myself, I probably wouldn’t go for the Mini. I love my iPad and all, but I would have no use for a second. If I did anything I would want another unique device, such as the Nexus 7.

  • JerseyD

    Can you seriously just put yes or no in your polls. You always have way too many options.

    I know the polls are just for fun and not scientific in any way but you would get a clearer idea of how people feel if there weren’t 5 different options for people who support it or vice versa.

  • This should be a simple YES or NO poll. No need for extra details

  • Nicolas Loots

    Why would anyone do an electronic device? That’s gross.

  • 199$ ? even an ipod touch costs more than that.

  • Eric Armstrong

    Yea I couldn’t find an option I liked…. Can we do a poll that is just:


    And cut the other dumb answers. “Bummer” isn’t even a response to the question at all…

  • dady king

    It’s just a combination of iPad n a iPhone .. Those who think size of an iPhone should be little big.. It an iPad should be little small then it’s a good option .. I will go for it but need to see how much $$ I have to spend .. If it is competitively low then iPad then yes.

  • How about scrapping the idea of a mini iPad and having an iPhone XL to rival the Samsung Note?

  • People are just looking for a cheaper iPad, not a 7″, 5″… Just lower the price for the iPad.

  • seyss

    I believe Apple makes most of its money from shit sold on iTunes/Appstore/iBookstore so a cheap tablet that is affordable by anyone is a smart move.. I read somewhere that Google is making ONLY 50 bucks from each Nexus tablet, a clear move to put apps/etc in many hands as possible.

  • I like how you, shall we say, made enjoyable to vote by giving such alternatives, but please reconsider giving a “yes” or “no” an option 🙂

  • If Apple do release an iPad mini,what different features and tech specs would it have so that it does not resemble the iPad ?

  • Usama Ahmad

    ipad mini is a mistake, they should just lower the price on the 2nd generation model, just like they did with the 3gs

  • Off subject. I wouldn’t mind apple using that dark gray color on a device.

  • The only thing really effecting apple at this point is that it’s main core of iOS is in fact stale. Being able to pick up an iPhone 4 generations old, and see no difference in the core UI from apple’s current day devices makes you wonder. What apple has to think about, is how could they give this “iPad Mini” up to date specs that will satisfy the tech savvy consumer, sway people toward its ecosystem instead of the in some ways more appealing competition and also keep from killing off one of its own products:the iPod Touch

  • like with the nano there is a market for a mini yet it will be a small one. There is already an iPad mini. It’s called an iPod touch.