A certain theme entitled Metroon has garnered all types of publicity from outlets that normally don’t cover jailbreak apps, tweaks, or themes. Perhaps that has a little to do with the fact that it’s one of the first Windows 8 styled themes to appear on the iPhone?

At any rate, we’ve decided to take Metroon for a spin. What we found was a solid DreamBoard theme that will set you back $1.50 on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. But is it deserving of the hype?

The hype is well deserved, because the developer of Metroon created a theme that can easily coexist with stock iOS. A lot of themes force you to choose between itself, and I’ve found that this strategy just doesn’t work well.

With Metroon, a simple tap will take you back to the Home screen, and you can easily use your iPhone just like you normally do if you need to accomplish a quick task. In other words, switching between the two interfaces is quick and seamless.

Another thing that makes Metroon worth taking a look at, is the fact that it does add some value to your experience. The live tiles provide you with information with a quick glance, the interface is slick and full of primary colors that pop. Best of all, I found that it’s stable. Stability is a huge issue when it comes to themes, and Metroon performed well on my iPhone 4S.

On the negative side of the coin, I would like to see more custom tiles supported with future updates. There also needs to be an easier way to adjust or move tiles — the current method is overly tedious. Lastly, we need more live tiles.

Of course, if you hate themes, then Metroon probably won’t change your opinion about them — it’s still a theme, after all. But if you’re a willing participant in theming that’s experienced more than your fare share of disappointments, I believe Metroon might be the theme that turns the tide.

What about you?

  • Edson Guedes

    in three minutes was three% battery

  • Shadowlink

    Best windows theme out there and sexy lockscreen is sexy

  • I’ll be honest with you, I find an iPhone running a Windows Theme much more attractive than an actual Windows Phone.

  • Pretty cool. I hope they update it with more live tiles for Facebook and Tweetbot. Also, I can’t change my username. I press it but the keyboard doesn’t come out. I’m using an iPhone 4 by the way; latest jailbroken firmware.

  • Dan

    I’m always hesitant when it come to using dreamboard, a lot of the themes out there really slow down my iPhone 4. This theme does look good though.

    • Maybe it’s time to upgrade your iPhone???

      • Dan

        no doubt, but with the iPhone 5 coming out soon, I’ll wait till then 🙂

      • off topic but honestly, i think it looks kinda ugly. wish they just kept the old design. im not too keen into having a giant phone on my hand or in my pocket

    • Kok Hean

      Trust me, if you’re into jailbreaking, the iPhone 4S is a lot faster than the iPhone 4. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

      • Dan

        my gf has an iPhone 4S, I believe you 😉

    • felt the same way. ive been on the jb bandwagon since the first gen ipod touch. hell, i even have ipodlinux running on my ipod nano first gen. and yeah.. I agree, it has functionality and its fast. The first dreamboard theme i may actually end up using.

  • Richard Abrahams

    I can’t download it in Cydia

    • I had the same problem. Try purchasing it first using the lower purchase link (not the one in the corner). Then, after you purchased it, you can download and install it normally.

  • using windows on apple product ? omg totally fail !!

    • jose castro

      you fail

    • whats wrong with metro? the design compliments the iphone 4.

  • Great review!! Spot on!!! Nice theme what happened to OSX? I could never find it?

  • this sucks…

  • MSD

    I like it. Although I get massive slow down when trying to type this comment in pulse trough the theme. My battery has been massacred from 90% to 5% in 15 mins. And it needs more customisable tiles and ability to make all tiles big or small.

    • gapperonduty

      90 to 5% in 15 min? sounds like a genocide! is it really that bad!?

  • When i ty to open the theme it says “theme plist not found” HEELP!!! 🙁

    • mrtwize

      Try uninstalling it, restart phone and install it agin. Did the trick for me 😉

  • Prathik Nair

    great theme, they need to do a better job of showing newly downloaded apps. They kind of dissapear for a while.

  • gapperonduty

    anyone knows if bitesms still works as normal!? as in statusbar QR and QC? and also what happen to the notification center?

  • Chris

    What other themes can you get for deamboard? Only descovered it when I read this post It’s a lot better than winterboard by far a joy to have even on the 3GS no probs running at all

  • ReanimationXP

    Jeff, can you please start reviewing themes as well? This is a great post.

  • I have a few questions regarding this theme and Dreamboard, in general.

    What happens to the Notification Center? Can I still have my own lockscreen, instead of the one shown on the video? And am I still able to use the appswitcher?

    I’d say my phone is heavily customized right now, and I wonder how all my tweaks would behave alongside Dreamboard (+ this awesome looking theme)

  • Piumantha Gunasekara

    My Springboard keep crashing when i use this?? can anyone explain that to me??

    • pbcu1

      mine does too… we need help with this

  • after seeing metro in iPhone, I really think that iOS needs a renovation. It has been always the same… They have to add live update to icons

  • Would be good if you could change it so they default messaging live tile could actually be fore BiteSMS as well, so you could change between the stock and that, and give the option for “Internet Explorer” to be chrome etc. Anyone think this would be a good idea? Any thoughts Jeff?

  • when i install metroon . it didn’t work then i lock my phone after that i can’t open even i can’t see android lock . help me . wot to do plxxxxx

  • gr8 theme ever seen 😀 but ths s stil beta they wont develop ??????? we need more live tiles and more metro support preview many thinglik orginal windows 8 cydia can do 🙂 atleast 50% try ur best . i luv is ths theme especially lockscreen 🙂

  • when i download it,it said me plist not found!i done everything.reboot and respring billions of times it was failed!please can somewone tell me what is the solution?!

  • Brett W.

    Does this work with the iOS 6? having a hard time finding one that fits the screen of an Iphone 5 as well…

  • Blake

    how do you unlock the phone?