The fact that the iPod touch lacks a physical mute button, shouldn’t prevent one from muting their device in style. A new jailbreak tweak, entitled TapVolumeToMute, allows you to do just that.

Even if you have an iOS device with a physical mute button, this is a tweak that you still might want to give a go. That’s because it allows you to easily mute your device with a quick tap on the volume heads up display. More details inside…

TapVolumeToMute is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Will you be giving it a go?

  • thepies


  • cool

  • Alexander Dohms

    Really nice 🙂

  • Aaron de Silva

    Wouldn’t iOS 5 AssistiveTouch let iPod touch users mute the device? (sorry never owned an iPod touch)

  • On the Screenshot it doesn’t look like a real mute, just like App-Sound off…
    If it really is like this, then it’s pointless.

    • not if you change the sounds options to “change with buttons”

      • When I enable this I would always regulate the Ringtone Sound instead of App Sound if I am not in an App that has some Sound..

  • deepdvd

    Can this be used with BiteSMS?

  • Mohamed Hassabo

    I think it’s useful for the iPad because when you choose between whether the switch mutes or locks rotation. Now you can do both quickly. 🙂