Let’s just file this one under the “who in the world would ever find a use for this?” category. MakeMyPopup is a brand new jailbreak tweak that allows you to create your own pop up notifications on the iPhone.

The problem with MakeMyPopup isn’t that it only allows you to create one singular pop up notification. It isn’t that pop up notifications are ugly, and have all but been replaced by banner notifications. The issue with MakeMyPopup is that it does absolutely nothing; it has no usable function outside of the fact that it fakes your own customizable pop up.

The question stands to be asked: Just who would use this? Would you?

Matter of fact, the person who comes up with the best use for MakeMyPopup in the comments below will get a special shout out in one of our upcoming videos.

You can download MakeMyPopUp for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Share your thoughts and concerns below.

  • Tashawn Brawner

    Since I don’t have friends or anything that will notify me of anything this would be perfect. #ForeverAlone

  • I think this tweak was made for you! This is Jeff with iDownloadBlog! You could always put this one your significant others phone to leave them a nice little message they won’t be expecting each time the go to turn their phone off. Or you could propose to them in the most iOS fashionable way ever!

    • You could also leave reminder for yourself if you have an Untethered JB reminding you that If you turn it off get ready to lose your tweaks 🙂

      • Do you mean Tethered? Because Untethered is where you can reboot your device without the assistance of a computer and still be jailbroken

      • Sure did 🙂

      • No I think you did mean tethered…

  • It could remind you to remind you of something important if you happen to remember to press the power button 😛

    • Or just use the reminders app and you get the reminder you asked for ..at time or location

  • I would use this tweak to create a funny message saying, “Warning: Your iPhone will self destruct in T-minus 10 seconds.” on my friend’s iPhone. Then I would hand it to them and say, “What in the world?”

    • A “ModMyI” writer on iDownloadBlog, this isn’t life lol. JK!!!

  • mordechai eliyahu

    make a pop up reminder to go someplace when ur done “hanging out” with ur gf and u wanna leave 🙂

  • How about: “If u don’t have an iPhone, well u don’t have an iPhone! Remember that”

  • … or “why do u use this tweak ? Cuz I can!”

  • At Least it’s a tweak that’s not been done or copied… And best of all it’s free.. At least there is a dev who thought of something new…. Even if it does provoke the …WTF… and why on earth…

  • You could somehow make it you’re outro maybe ??

  • also good for tethered jailbroken devices. if you want to remind yourself you’re tethered when you try to switch your iOS device off then that might be a solution

  • it could be useful to prevent your friends from turning your iPhone off. You can set it to say “what are you doing? don’t turn off my phone” or something like that.
    That was the first thing to pop in my mind while i was watching the video review

  • Maybe a theme maker would like to make a custom pop up showcasing their pop up design, with a custom message.

  • How do you turn your iphone off?

  • Title: Hey!
    Text: ask (insert your name here) to turn this ipod/iphone off!
    Give it to a friend/stranger

  • thepies

    YOLJ= You Obviously Love Jeff!

  • Theodoros Skrikas

    I think you could use it for faking a text message to you from someone? Put in title the number and then add the text…(warning…You could get in serious trouble after that, you could spend an hour proving you faked it 🙂 )

  • brooke

    hi jeff. i’d love to use this to prank my husband. i looked all over the site for the download and could not find it. any way you can link it? thanks!