It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve heard any new information regarding the next-generation iPhone. The rumor mill has been chock-full of iPad Mini talk, but nothing regarding the highly-anticipated handset.

That changed this afternoon, as purported photos of “iPhone 5 engineering samples” surfaced on the web. The metal mockups depict a device in line with previous speculation, with a slightly taller, thinner case design…

9to5Mac spotted the photos on GottaBeMobile, and the subjects of the images are being called “actual engineering samples manufactured in Apple’s supply chain.” Although it’s certainly possible that the samples are fake, the design does appear to match up with other next-gen iPhone reports.

The two-toned case design has shown up on a number of occasions over the last 6 months, in everything from leaked parts to manufacturing schematics. If this year’s iPhone doesn’t look anything like this, then someone (possibly even Apple) has pulled off quite an elaborate hoax.

Looks aside, Apple’s next-generation iPhone is expected to be one of the largest updates in the line’s history with a larger 4-inch display, LTE-compatibility and other updated components. The company is presumed to unveil the new handset at a media event in early October.

  • jose castro

    im sure any buddy can do that wit the right tools……. not enough info for me

  • I feel like they took the rumors and made a fake.

  • Falk M.

    Give me a Dremel, I will make headlines in 2 hours, I’ll even engrave the Apple logo to make it “authentic” *eyeroll*

    • jose castro


  • SimonReidy

    Either this design is Apple’s worst leak yet (in terms of how much we’ve seen about the two-tiered design) and most of the rumours have been true, or Apple have been the most secretive from us ever, and we actually know nothing about the next iPhone. It’s hard to say!

  • Looks like they put the lines for the edges of the screen on the back with the camera instead of the front with the home button and speaker hole.

  • I actually really really hope this is the next iPhone. I really like it. The only thing I’d change is the dock connector (unless it charges and transfers data faster) and headphone jack placement..

  • Well_Said

    What’s wrong with you people can’t you just wait till october? Be patient

  • Its like a remake of the first iPhone.

  • Beside the fact this could be made in about 10 minutes, if these are true, wasn’t the next phone supposed to be completely redesigned; a major departure from any previous iPhone yet? This looks like a mix of the 4/4S and the first iPhone. These rumors are clearly either people just messing around, or Apple leaking fake parts.

  • They were also “presumed to unveil” it in June.

  • If SAMSUNG was able to keep the S3’s design a secret till launch do you really think Apple won’t?

  • Think I will leave this time around I don’t think they have put enough thought into it. We will have to wait and see. If it looks like an iPhone 4 4s then why bother.

  • Where’s the designed by apple printing on the back? FAKE

  • ReanimationXP

    I hope to god all these parts and designs that are being released aren’t the real designs.. they all look like non-Apple shit.