There’s a new widget available that allows you to initiate a Cydia search via a Notification Center widget, and it’s appropriately titled Cydia-SearchNC.

This free download can be enabled via the Notifications panel in the Settings app, and doing so creates a handy search field directly in Notification Center.

Check out our video walkthrough that showcases how this jailbreak widget performs, after the break…

As you might have guessed, Cydia-SearchNC is a free download for jailbroken iOS users, and you can find it on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

It works just as advertised, though it would have been better if it was able to query Cydia without actually opening the app. Still, I think you’ll find it a solid addition to your Notification Center if you’ve been looking for something similar.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

  • I dont see the point of this … you still have to fire up Cydia to get what you’ve just searched for to instilled it.. So why not just search in Cydia app in the first place !

  • billypuntove

    Is there anything like this to search my phone?? A Spotlight search on the NC, I mean.

  • mrjr84

    Related: is there a way to search Cydia from Launch Center Pro? Is there a URL scheme for searching (I know it’ll launch with “cydia://”)?

  • Khosseh

    Hey Guys, i have this problem with my iPhone 4. i upgraded the software to iOS 5.1.1 and i tried to do a jailbreak with absinthe 2.0.4 . after jailbreak is finished, no cydia icon on the iphone and when i connected to the pc and browse it with iFunBox, i tells me that my iDevice is Jailed.
    PS: i have done the same steps with the same iOS and the same jailbreak version on my brother’s iPhone and it works.
    PS: i have erased and reset all settings and apps and everything from my iPhone and the problem stays.
    Please any help would be very thankful
    Regards, Werech.

  • Does not work in ios6 🙁 please fix

  • It’s ok got it working mybad forgot to respring now shows up 🙂 thanks great tweak 5+++++++++