The third beta of iOS 6 could arrive today at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern Time, iOS hacker iH8sn0w tweeted last night. Apple pushed the second beta to its registered developers on June 25, following the June 11 WWDC release of the first iOS 6 beta.

The company tends to release a few betas to squash bugs and test the software with its registered base of developers before going Gold Master…

iH8sn0w, the brains behind the Sn0wbreeze jailbreak tools, wrote in his tweet (emphasis mine):

Everyday is getting closer to @JailbreakCon. I’m super excited! Side note: iOS 6 beta 3 may be hitting dev portals at 10am PST today. 🙂

Each iOS 6 Beta has an expiration date set which can be tapped to roughly pinpoint when the next beta might land. “It’s been a pattern”, reads another tweet by iH8sn0w.

Apple said at WWDC it would release iOS 6 for public consumption this fall, but wouldn’t pledge to a specific date. If history is an indication, the software will hit iTunes servers the same day the next iPhone goes one sale.

We’ll be keeping tabs on Apple’s portal for iOS developers and ping you if a new beta arrives today.

Just don’t expect much in terms of new features, it’s gonna be a maintenance release to iron out a few bugs and smooth out some of the rough edges.

Still, feeling excited?

  • Said that last night.

  • So many mispellings, Must..resist…urge…to…correct

    • can you name one?

    • Yeah there are none…

    • Pretty sure he’s talking about “depending on if*” and “will be released on*,” in which case there are two. Add the lack of punctuation and you’re set. Just observing.

    • not anymore Christian you seemed to have edited them 🙂

  • ricky_nguyen

    I never believe this guy because all his predictions end up being wrong

    • No they don’t and you should thank him for releasing his downgrade methods. Including the A4 downgrade for iOS 5 and the downgrade method for A5 devices.

      • He didn’t release any A5 downgrade method.

        And yes his predictions are quite often wrong 🙂

      • Oh I thought the downgrade method out now was the one he found but he sent it to you. *facepalm*

  • The betas are realesed every 2 weeks and following a pattern the last beta (GM release) will come out either October 1st or September 17th depending on of there are 7 or 8 betas and then iOS 6 will be released of that Friday again that depends on how many betas, and the iPhone will come out that next Friday

  • Kok Hean

    Will there be another spinning icon? :/
    Bored out by iOS 6, other than the dictation languages added.

  • hopefully it doesnt have the battery bug

  • Chris

    ISO 6 is boring apple big thing was MAPS but to me and prob many wow really exiting NOT just like Siri going to be a disappointment

    The best thing on ISO 6 to me is the AppStore long time waiting for that to get a update apart from that rubbish

    • Suparjito Teo

      iOS 6 is boring? then you should get out of here!
      and i think you are not suitable to use iOS. because you couldn’t write iOS properly.

      • Chris

        I sorry simple mistake IOS 6 happy now mr perfect. IOS 6 what really new err copy from jailbreaking so if you are like me not really impressed coz seen it maps for what I have seen well it just like Siri forgot about u.k apple tends to do this say there going to bring updates out but never bother. This is my opinion I have had apple stuff for years and really impressed with them but there all about the u.s not sutable to use ISO 6 coz I made a little mistake you make me laugh apple fan boy carnt stand to hear anything bad about apple. Get a life and open your eyes there is other mobile phone company’s out there that are making a massive impact

      • Irfan Tarique

        I am not making fun of you, but you sound like you are using a crappy translating software

      • dboyer0211

        You still have quite a few typos (IOS, err, coz, ISO, carnt) in addition to the absolutely terrible grammar (I sorry simple mistake, IOS 6 what really new, so if you are like me not really impressed coz seen it maps,) and incorrect punctuation (u.k, u.s, company’s)

  • I’m assuming it is not coming today… it is 11 am now

    • 6 days later and still no sign…

  • Nah, I checked already and it has not showed up in my ”Software Update,”
    : (

  • Lucky Osazee

    I don’t get how Apple could make their own Maps app, Podcast app, but the Youtube app is still totally crap. Why haven’t they redesigned it yet ?

    • Because the YouTube is owned by Google, therefore Google has to update it.

  • Irfan Tarique

    IOS 6 maps are not ready for everyday use. They should still allow us to use the old google maps app or at least make it available on the AppStore

  • Eloia Rafav