We’ve brought you plenty of Kickstarter projects over the years. Some iPhone related, some iPad related, and a few of them have been keyboards, too. This particular keyboard though has something of a party trick, with the Spike iPhone case and keyboard combination allowing owners to fold the buttons around to the back for when they are not in use.

Costing around $50 for the premium model, the case and keyboard combo needs to reach $75,000 in order to be fully funded, and is expected to begin shipping around October time.

Don’t worry though, you’ve still got 34 days in order to get your pledge in…

While we have seen plenty of keyboards for iOS devices in the past, this particular keyboard does something different, by making it easy for users to fold it away around the back of the phone and making the keyboard itself as easy to access as possible. No leaving your keyboard at home by mistake – if you’ve got your iPhone, you’ve also got your keyboard.

Obviously the negative to having a keyboard locked around the back of your iPhone is added bulk, which is simply the price you pay for the added functionality that a hardware keyboard provides. Whether you think that is a worthy tradeoff very much depends on how you feel about that software keyboard. Regardless, the idea itself is a very intriguing one.

We’ve not had chance to get our hands on any of the Spike keyboards yet, but the initial signs are positive.

If you back this particular Kickstarter project, we’d love to hear your thoughts come October time!

  • I don’t understand or like any these things… Go blackberry if you want proper keyboard.

    • I agree if you want this keyboard that bad blackberry is a definite answer and probably cheaper too lol!

    • Lisa Grimes

      REM….or Blackberry is on a path to bankruptcy
      ….that’s why you don’t want to go Blackberry

    • And give up the awesome apps? I would never go blackberry, ever.

  • useless

    • Dan

      I agree

  • SimonReidy

    What a joke! Especially for the asking price. It’s not even Bluetooth (just an overlay for portrait keyboard) which doesnt’t take into account all the different portrait keyboards iOS can display ! (different keyboard comes up when putting in URL or for emjoi etc). And what happens when you go landscape! 🙂 which is the easiest to way to enter text quickly anyway, given the larger keys and input via your thumbs.

    This has fail written all over it.

  • David Villamizar

    I don’t really get what is so wrong with the virtual keyboard, I think you can actually type faster using an iPhone keyboard with the proper tweaks than you could normally do using a physical keyboard of the same size. The only think that comes to my mind is that you have to look at the screen to type, but a little concentration to type is not that bad.

  • October release? Does anybody else see how bad that timing is? #iPhone5

  • I’m gonna say no to this. The virtual keyboard is good enough. Its not very convenient for landscape usage nor using emojis. And as someone mentioned before, there are different keyboards for different apps. Also October is bad timing. With the new iPhone coming out. And it looks too cheaply made to spend $50

  • The idea is nice, but who needs a real keyboard on the iPhone? on the iPad (Wirelessly) it feets well, that’s because you can get the full screen for reporters, editors etc… but for the iPhone? useless! and what happens if you use two langauges? how can you switch between them? what happens on Vertical mode? useles…

  • what a waste of money

  • RyanStOnge

    Can’t believe people are backing this. Is it the pleasure of feeling a button being pushed down they like? The virtual keyboard looks a lot better in my opinion.

  • What about when you have different languages to type in? I can easlily switch between English, French, German and Spanish on my iPhone. Something you can never do with a hardware keyboard. This is a dumb idea.