That didn’t take long. Less than 12 hours after Judge Lucy Koh denied Samsung’s request to stay the Galaxy Nexus injunction, the handset disappears from Google Play Stores.

Last week, Apple was able to convince Koh that the Nexus was infringing on its patents — enough to warrant a preliminary ban. And it looks like that ban is already in effect…

The Verge noticed the missing device, and contacted Google to find out what’s up. While the company wouldn’t get into specifics, the timing of the pull is certainly suspicious:

“The timing of Google’s missing Nexus is interesting, to say the least: we’ve just confirmed that Apple has posted the nearly $96 million dollar bond required to begin the Galaxy Nexus in earnest.

Update 3: We just spoke to Google, which confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus is no longer on sale right now, but Google says the device will begin shipping next week.”

The Nexus is still available from Amazon, Target and other retailers. But just because it’s available for order, doesn’t mean it will ship. It’s likely that these companies have yet to receive instructions regarding the injunction.

Last night we learned that Google planned to help Samsung get around the ban by issuing a software patch to remove the infringing invention. And The Verge has more on that as well:

“We just spoke with a Google spokesperson, who informed us that the update, which will be rolling out to all Galaxy Nexus devices in the US regardless of carrier, will essentially dumb down the quick search bar on the Android homescreen, limiting its results to just those from the web. No local searches on the device will be performed at all, taking on-device apps, integrated Gmail, and other search results out of play.”

The update could very well free the Nexus from the ban, and help Samsung circumvent any future litigation regarding Apple’s ‘604 patent, which has to do with unified search functionality.

The patch is expected to start rolling out to devices OTA (over the air) as soon as tonight. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  • Well_Said

    I’m an Apple fan but I don’t appreciate the whole law suit thing.

  • Apple are just being sobbing little kids. Companies are scarred that they are gonna throw a tantrum and have their way. Apple needs to grow up and start playing the game like real boys and stop crippling the competitors before they have a chance to compete.

    • Well, try developing a tweak or a feature and let someone else infringe that idea. Then we’ll see if you are still firm on your statement.

      There is no different between piracy and stealing ideas and Samsung does it best.

      Samsung steals ideas at its finest. Don’t believe me? Check out the Galaxy SIII S-Voice and camera light sensor chip. Spotlight is an exclusive and prominent feature by Apple and do you think Apple will tolerate such infringement?

      To be honest, I don’t see the originality in Samsung products.

      • Loopthree

        Apple OWN unified search!
        Do apple own the patent for the telephone, or did they copy that idea?.
        Can’t you see that this b*llsh*t hinders development.

  • Ibz

    Welcome to Business 101 children.

  • is this all because steve jobs is gone apple

  • Siv

    This is just sickening. Android has to “dumb down” it’s OS to appease Apple? What happened to competition being a good thing?

  • willie_walk

    This is unfortunate news! I was thinking about purchasing a Galaxy Nexus, to experiment and experience pure Android. So I would knew for myself which is really the best for me. Currently though, I’m a iPhoner. Who can really compete with all the great content you can get on the iPhone, and if you jailbreak the experience is so much better!

  • willie_walk

    I also believe in good completion, but Samsung really needs to work on originality! They don’t even try to hide the fact their copying another vendor lol! Which is probably why I shouldn’t purchase Google’s flagship phone manufactured by them. Who knows what they will do next.

  • RubberShoes

    Initially I sided with Samsung, but have you seen what Apple is specifically talking about? It’s not so much what Android and Google are doing, it’s Samsung’s deliberate copycat procedure with things like the Nexus, the original Galaxy phone and tablets, and there S-Voice crap buried within their skinning and customization of Android. Looking back they have always done this, and it is sad such a corrupt company continues to thrive off of their competitors’ ideas.