If you believe the rumor-mill, smaller iPads have been spotted at Apple. And if you believe the usually  cred§ible Wall Street Journal, Apple’s in fact been developing a shrunken iPad to address the low-to-mid range of the market. And with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and now Google’s Nexus 7 tablet fighting for these customers, no wonder the iPad mini rumors are beginning to surface all over again…

UnwiredView relays a story by Chinese-language MyDrivers which quotes various analysts and industry sources who speculate that a 7.85-inch device will feature a screen made by Sharp and incorporating their IGZO panel technology.

IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technology incorporates a thin-film transistor that allows for thinner devices while reducing power consumption and increasing image quality.

And if Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White is right, Apple will launch a smaller iPad this fall.

While it’s easy to dismiss the iPad mini as yet another made up meme, it’s worth pointing out that big media such as The Wall Street Journal is now claiming that Apple is developing such a device.

People seem to be torn over it.

For example, our Cody Lee has a problem with the $249 price tag which would leave Apple with little margin (the company’d margins are famously the envy of the industry).

Then again, economies of scale and that Foxconn’s investment into Sharp’s cutting-edge display plant help Apple turn a profit on even a 50 percent cheaper iPad. Don’t forget that Apple also makes money (30 percent) whenever iPad customers click that Buy button in one of the stores to buy music, apps, movies, e-books and what not.

Also, Apple played this game doing with both the iPod and iPhone. First they had introduced these devices at high price points, but later they worked their way down until hitting the sweat spot when sales really took off.

I’m interested to hear your opinion on the iPad mini.

Can a smaller $249 iPad spoil the party for Amazon and Google and launch Apple’s device into the stratosphere?

  • IDK… the only thing apple has that is competitive price wise is the iPhone @ Free, $99, $199+….. all their other products are premium prices. I really don’t see a need for apple to answer the call of the Kindle. The iPad is the definitive tablet… you either have an iPad… or you don’t. Simple as that.

    • I mostly agree with Timothy – however, I would like to see a iPad mini.

      The features on the iPad mini will be the “deal breaker” however. It certainly can be wildly successful since it would easily slip in to a woman’s smaller purse and also the inside of a man’s suit jacket.

      This mini size will be perfect for the men and women in business / sales. They can keep a presentation on the device, and bring it out when needed. They can also use it to take orders with the internet connectivity.

      For other consumers, it will be like a small book or magazine, you carry around with you for convenience – and you can quickly check your Facebook or email.

      The “deal breakers” on this will be how does it connect to the internet?

      Will it only use wifi? Or, will 3G/4G be an upgrade option?

      I think for most, the standard screen that is currently in the iPad 2 will be just fine.

      For battery life – that could also be a killer – it would have to be comparable to the competitors IMO, and that may be a very difficult task to achieve with such a smaller size.

      Well, I guess we will see, but the ONE HUGE ADVANTAGE it would have over all the competitors, is the App eco system – I would rather have this iPad mini over an Android / Kindle device just so I can use my already purchased iOS Apps.

  • Apple will enter more houses with small ipad…sales wud b through d roof…literally who ll buy a kindle in front of an retina ipad…

  • Nope, neither you or me will ever see an iPad “mini” mark my words

  • I think that the price range should be $200 dollars. Numbers that don’t have a lot of zeros in them aren’t very appealing to the consumer’s eye. However, I do think that Apple is making a smart move by creating the smaller iPad. They’ll definitely win over more Kindle and Google users.

    • 200$ would be nice, but except the US, everywhere around the world, this mini iPad (if ever released) would cost at least 100$ more and above… So of course, people more or less, will buy the bigger 10 inch because the price will be relatively close (yes they will, 50$/100$ difference is affordable, better buy the better, than regret later for what you have bought…)

      • Bob Smith

        This would only be the case if 10 inch = better than 7 inch. But different people have varying use cases.

      • Well, if Apple releases the iPad mini, it sure would not start with a retina display and better specs, so the 10 inch will be better… Well, that’s at least what I think :/

  • a lot of people is not realizing, that 199 $/€ iPad Mini (or whatever name it will have), will bring a lot of people that will buy few things on the App Store, and Apple have cut from if.
    And IMHO, if they set it to 199 $/€ with retina display, it will kill every other tablet, because your choice will be crappy android tablet for 130-170 $/€ or iPad for 199 $/€. A lot of people would go for iPad.

  • hkpuipui99

    Well I certainly hope not, since I just pre-ordered a Nexus 7! It was such a struggle for me to leave the Apple ecosystem since I have an iPhone 🙁

  • Honestlly, I really doubt apple doing this 7 inch model. Just not what they would do,,,

  • I didn’t think Apple would ever go the rout of the mini, until the Nexus 7 was introduced. If you put at $199 3.5″ iPod touch side by side with $199 7″ Nexus 7 and asked a customer to choose, this could pose a major problem to sales of iPods. It’s looking more and more realistic that mini iPad is inevitable. Let’s call it the MiPad?

  • Answer to question on bottom.
    Amazon = YES;
    Google = YES;

  • Brian Johnson

    drop the 250 dollar ipod touch, replace it with ipad mini………….simple to me!