Just 24 hours after denying Samsung’s motion to stay the Galaxy Tab injunction, Judge Lucy Koh has rejected the company’s request to lift the ban on the Galaxy Nexus.

As it stands, Samsung will be forced to stop selling both the tablet and handset in the United States, unless the Court of Appeals steps in. But Google has a plan…

AllThingsD reports:

“Google isn’t taking a sales ban on the Galaxy Nexus lying down. First and foremost, Samsung and Google have a software patch that they believe avoids infringing the Apple patent that led to the injunction. The patch is expected to be pushed out imminently, Google said.”

This lines up with previous reports that Google was looking to team up with Samsung, in a move to help the company fight off Apple’s onslaught of lawsuits.

It’ll be interesting to see how quickly the two companies can roll out the software patch, and if it will effectively reverse the ban. Remember, HTC did the same thing months ago, and it’s still fighting Apple over the patents.

  • Siv

    Sigh….when will the patent wars end…

    • smtp25

      Right about the same day innovation dies, why do the R&D and innovate if its going to be stolen ? Just keep churning out the same stuff and be an ‘Also ran’ rather than a leader

      • Ibz

        Exactly. SICK of seeing cloned hardware. It’s like we have reached maximum human potential for design.

      • The nexus looks nothing like an iPhone. Stupid patent but I just want this to end.

        Edit: And functions nothing like it to.

      • Loopthree

        What has ‘unified search’ got to do with cloning hardware or design potential? It’s a basic feature that Apple are being d*cks about.

  • Ibz

    Revolutionary game changing devices re-invent the devices they aim to replace. Just like five years ago the iPhone reinvented the mobile phone. We all wowed at “slide to unlock” while the best competition was an LG Viewty with a resistive touch screen that needed you to push your nails in deep for a reaction.

  • ricky_nguyen

    Samsung and Google especially need to come up with their own unique and unseen designs of smartphones that make them more different in every way possible without having to go out of their way to simply copying apple’s ideas that they had for years because they are taking their patents seriously to protect their ideas of making a smartphone that people love and enjoy

    • Take a Galaxy Nexus, then take an iPhone. Put them next to each other tell me what looks the same.

      • This problem is software related not hardware.

      • of course both don’t look the same… but it’s what that is inside that Apple is after. the lawsuit has nothing to do with the physical appearance.

      • Fine, still a bunch of legal bullish*t.

  • Yeah a Hyundai looks nothing like Mercedes … Scratch that

  • Just end the war. Galaxy Nexus does not even look like an iPhone.

  • They tried their best on hardware design but still apple slaps them with a software patent…cowards!!