Information regarding the next iPhone has been fairly scarce over the past few weeks. Which is kind of odd, considering that the handset is believed to already be in full production.

But there is a new report out this morning on the upcoming smartphone. And it adds weight to previous rumors that the next iPhone will feature all new in-cell touch panels…

AppleInsider reports:

“Touch panel maker Wintek on Tuesday announced that its June sales were down an unusually high 33.6 percent month over month, signaling that the company may have lost out on key orders for Apple’s next-generation products, namely a new iPhone rumored to have in-cell touch panel technology.”

The piece goes on to say that this is the largest month-over-month sales drop Wintek has seen in 5 years — since the original iPhone debuted. So this certainly falls in line with previous reports that Apple has tapped Sony to provide in-cell touch panels for its new handset.

As we’ve explained before, in-cell touch screens are substantially thinner than (the current) on-cell panels. And by using them, Apple would be able to add an LTE radio, a bigger battery, and other upgraded components to the next iPhone, without making it any thicker.

The sixth-generation iPhone is widely expected to land in October of this year, with a 4-inch display and several other enhancements over its predecessor.

  • jose castro

    well that good…. i hope this is all true

  • tanvir92

    Upcoming iPhone will Game changer…

  • nvog

    What’s an LTE radio ??

    Like FM Radio or else ??

    • jose castro

      ? really lol…………. its on the iphone 4s and ipad 3……….. its like 4G

      • NOT on 4S.

      • Ibz

        The 4S and iPad do not have an LTE radio. They have HSPA+. Look it up. And why on earth would apple add FM radio on its sixth generation iPhone. Jesus.

      • the new iPad does have an LTE radio.

      • Ken Benoit

        I agree. If you want radio..(wait for it)..theres an app for that.

    • LTE = 4G

    • Ronald Weaver

      4g is faster than 3G. 4g= 6 to 8 MBS/Sec. 4G LTE is faster than 4g 4G LTE = 10to 16MBS/ sec

  • The phone better be thinner…

  • forumiphone

    why october? ı know apple have good timing of keynotes but
    iphone 4s costumer have an 2 year pay plan this means they are free when iphone 6 when comes.

    i have an iphone 4 and this is my last pay day of this plan and ı need new one to move on,ı thınk apple need to show fast they can because ı am not only one with this plan.

    • Ibz

      Well slowly ul go on go the October plan 🙂 like me. You see.. Christmas brings more customers even if loses some like yourself.

    • seyss

      if you signed a contract to get a phone you really deserve what you get

    • just be grateful you don’t live in canada, here we get cell phone plans for a full 3 years like me, i have an iPhone 4 and i have to buy the new iPhone full price lol.