Meet Wickr, the latest messaging client to land on iOS. Like most other messaging platforms, it allows you to send texts, pictures and videos for free to anyone else using the service.

But unlike other platforms, Wickr is outfitted with “military grade” encryption and other features that make it one of the most secure messaging systems on Apple’s mobile OS…

Wickr was created by a team of security experts to provide users with top-notch privacy while sending and receiving messages. Aside from its high-end encryption, the app also removes metadata from video and image files, and allows you to place ‘self destruct timers’ on outgoing messages.

Don’t worry, anything deleted by the application gets overwritten with so much unreadable text, that it becomes impossible to forensically recover. And the team is working on a feature that will notify you if the person on the receiving-end of a message uses their screenshot function.

While I myself don’t personally have a need for an overly-encrypted messaging client like this, I’m sure there are plenty of people that do. And between its features and fair price tag, Wickr is definitely worth taking a look at. If you’re interested, you can find Wickr in the App Store, for free.

What do you think of Wickr?


  • jose castro

    lol because all are messages are top secret and the government wants them hahahahaa big brothers watching 🙂

    • Zac

      Er,… do you feel stupid now?

  • Dan

    When an iPhone password is not enough, I use Wickr, military grade protection is essential when texting my buddy’s about our next beer run.

    ps. Who wouldn’t trust a free app when military grade protection is required!

    • jose castro

      lol so true. beer is essential lol……..

  • I think they created this app for Apple staffs. So when they lose their prototypes they can’t access anything

  • Eric Armstrong

    Yea I didn’t realize until a few years ago that the world is full of VIPs and secret agents that need all these passwords and encryptions.

  • Sweet! Now I can self destruct my drunken texts to my ex-es!

  • Appletiser

    the only military connection that sprang immediately to my mind was this app’s name, it reminded me of WOPR – and for those too young, ask your parents 🙂

  • useless for 99% users…:p

    • Zac

      Or 100% users that dont want the NSA archiving their private lives?

  • Seems legit