HiddenHelper is a jailbreak tweak that’s the public successor to the GhostSiri concept tweak that we posted about a while back. HiddenHelper, like GhostSiri, aims to accomplish the same deed — allow you to use Siri without actually bringing up the Siri UI.

Where HiddenHelper one-ups GhostSiri is in the options department. In HiddenHelper’s settings panel, you’ll notice provisions for enabling certain Siri snippets where a UI is necessary to receive proper response; Wolfram Alpha queries are a great example of this.

Check out our full video walkthrough for the details…

Personally, I think that HiddenHelper is great if you normally perform queries with Siri that don’t require a snippet, such as setting an alarm, searching the web, sending a text, etc. It’s especially nice for gamers who play full screen games, because this means that you can use Siri in some aspects without bringing up the Siri UI while playing your game.

HiddenHelper is available for free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. Tell us what you think about it in the comments section.

  • jose castro

    still talking about siri……. i thought every buddy was done with this. dont get me wrong the video was great Jeff like always….

  • I have a big problem, iphone, ipad… On every device…

    When i start siri with hiddenhelper, everythink work, but i have look on my standby and use time… Siri(hiddenhelper) drain the battery… I have a glow apple backcover, it glow nonstop… HH is always aktivin the Background… ;(

    • jose castro


      • On your device too?

  • christodouluke

    This tweak is actually the same as ghostsiri, just renamed. It wasn’t supposed to be released because sbcoders are making a better version called spectre.

  • Sohail Wahab

    I wish it was available for iOS 8!!!!!
    I just need it so badly!