Confirming earlier reports, prepaid iPhones are now available at Virgin Mobile, a Sprint-owned carrier in the United States. The 16GB/32GB iPhone 4S will set you back $649 ($549 for the 8GB iPhone 4) with one of Virgin’s no-commit plans priced between $30-$50.

The plans offer unlimited data and messaging and you can also get a $5 discount if you sign up for automatic monthly payments. The devices is available at Virgin’s ten brand spanking new retail stores (their first retail outlets in the U.S.), but also over at Best Buy, RadioShack and select local retailers…

This being a prepaid option means you’re paying the full, unsubsidized price for the hardware for the benefit of a month-to-month billing which can be canceled at a moment’s notice, no questions asked.

Virgin’s asking prices match Apple’s unlocked iPhones, but are also $150 higher compared to Cricket, a Leap Wireless company, which became the first to offer prepaid iPhones in the United States.

Prepaid iPhones could be especially interesting to those wishing to jailbreak and run their device on any network. Note that Virgin Mobile is a Sprint property, meaning these phones are of a CDMA variety.

Another reason to go prepaid is cost of ownership as you’re not bound by lengthy contractual commitments that racket up total cost of ownership over the lifetime of your agreement to the tune of two thousand dollars.

Would you consider a prepaid iPhone?

  • Yeah people will be lining up to fork over 600$ on an old phone just for the chance to not commit to a contract the idiots who came up with this idea are so late and so far behind its pathetic this isn’t newsworthy.

    • Alex Rodriguez

      It is newsworthy whether you realize it or not.

      • Educating the consumer is newsworthy this just feeds the corporate beast and in no way helps a consumer I know 3 easier cheaper ways to have and use an iPhone on a prepaid network there are numerous blogs and tweets like Oliver antolenn and richie rich tweets that actually show consumers how to save money this virgin mobile plan saves absolutely nothing both long term and short now if you could bring over a already purchased phone that would be a huge deal changer! But that isn’t likely.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Prepaid is newsworthy. Anyone that doesnt thinks so, is paying way too much for their bill. This expansion gets iPhones in the hands of more people and creates competitiveness in the market!

  • sucks that you ave to buy another iphone just to get on the pre-paid plan. well at least that is what their customer service reps say

  • I will end up paying $950 now for 18 months of service including my phone. Virgin would cost me $1,090, and that’s with the low $30 estimate. I don’t care about a contract because I’m not going to go without my phone. So why would I even consider prepaid?

  • Well I ordered it and can’t wait for my first iPhone and I’ll be saving money!!!

  • mutethoughts

    You’ll spend at least $90 before tax on an individual postpaid plan with a decent amount of TIERED data on Verizon or AT&T and a little less, I think $70-80 with Sprint before taxes. Thats at least $2160 on big red and ma bell, and $1920 on sprint over 2 years. A $50 prepaid plan is only $1200 over 24 months factor in the phone your at $1849 or $1749 thats less than all 3 major carriers SERVICE for both prepaid service and the retail price of the phone also with prepaid you only pay normal sales tax take a look at your phone bill and see how much you pay in taxes now. When the new iPhone comes out your old one will still work and as iDB readers you should know iDevices hold their value I’ve sold all my previous iPhones after the new one is released and get no less than $300 more if I unlocked them and I’ve had every iPhone. If the prepaid service is just as good as the major carriers where you live, work, and travel its obviously the better deal not to mention the freedom alone is priceless.