Even though Sprint finally became an iPhone partner last fall, the carrier was snubbed this year when Apple unveiled its LTE iPad for Verizon and AT&T. The move made sense though, considering Sprint doesn’t have an LTE network.

But the company is looking to change that in the near future. Earlier today, Sprint announced that it is finally prepared to flip the switch on its 4G LTE network, starting with five cities, on July 15th…

On that date, Sprint subscribers with LTE devices will be able to take advantage of the faster data speeds in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, and San Antonio. The carrier is currently only offering one LTE handset, but it says that it plans to have 15-plus by the end of the year.

Perhaps one of those will be the rumored LTE-flavored iPhone, which is expected to debut in October of this year. Remember, Sprint signed a staggering $15 billion iPhone deal with Apple last year. So it’s safe to assume that the partnership isn’t going to fizzle out anytime soon.

But even if the carrier lands the LTE iPhone, it’s going to have a hard time wooing away customers from its competitors. Verizon, who has had a live LTE network for two years now, is already in more than 300 markets with its 4G tech. And AT&T has a sizable head start as well.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out in the fall. Because despite its lack of LTE coverage, Sprint will have one thing going for it. It’s currently the only carrier that still offers an unlimited data plan. And word is, it’s going to keep that around for its LTE devices.


  • They’re apparently adding LTE in Chicago too, or that’s the reason they’ve been giving me for god awful service.

  • They do have unlimited LTE data though, even when the new iPhone comes out

  • Dang what’s with all the Texas love sprint? You kno ur HQ is in kansas how about a couple cities there and not just one? Like Manhattan! “The Little Apple”

  • Goose

    Sorry newbie question here but is my iPhone 4s going to get this so called LTE feature via firmware update or will I have to upgrade hardware ?