I’m sorry for polluting your reading list with more Google news, but this thing warrants a quick mention. So we already told you about impressive Android stats, Google’s own tablet called the Nexus 7, a new Android version (4.1, called Jelly Bean) that sports Siri-like features and a brand new native Google+ app for iPad and Android tablets. Google also surprised us with the coolest live tech demo ever: a parachute landing on the Moscone West building, seen through the eyes of the participants’ Google Glasses.

By the way, Tweetbot developer has gotta win the coveted title of The Most Original Google I/O Review for his tweet. So, one thing that especially captured my imagination is this cool-looking accessory aimed at streaming media at your home. Classed as a yet another piece of hardware designed and engineered by Google, the Nexus Q sports unique industrial design calling for a round chassis which reminds me of a lot of a sci-fi-like alien probe. It’s also got some noteworthy features, as seen in a video demonstration…

Yes, of course it’s driven by Android.

It plugs into the speakers and your TV set and is being billed as “the first-ever social streaming device”. It plays nicely with Google’s Play Store to stream your music from the cloud, a kind of a cloud-connected jukebox.

But what about the social aspect?

According to the company, the Google Q lets everyone bring their own music to the party, here’s a video.

And here’s how Nexus Q works.

The Nexus Q is going to be available first in the United States beginning mid-July. You can pre-order it today from Google Play for $299, which seems a bit pricey considering that a $150 more buys you the entire Sonos system with bad-ass speakers.

Wondering what this thing looks inside?

You can check out the full teardown over at Wired.

Wondering about that skydiver Google Glass demo I mentioned at the beginning?

Here it is.

What do you think? Isn’t this the most futuristic media streaming device you’ve ever seen?

  • CollegiateLad

    $300? What are they smoking? Looks like a ball. Never seen one of those before.

    • that’s peanuts compared to $1,500 for the Google Glasses 🙂

    • msohail

      Its made in USA … More manufacturing more Jobs 🙂

      • apfreak

        are u crazy? look, if u were in human geography ap, or at least took it, you would realize that america has deindustrialized meaning less strain was given on manufacturing and secondary activities, and moved on to tertiary, service activities. therefore really to have a job in this period in time in america is to not screw up and get a proper education, not encourage manufacturing, like really, thats a waste of intelligence, keeping it at china is well enough. also, if you would refer to a structuralist theory, wallersteins world systems analysis, you would be able to see that each country has a specific job and is there for a reason. china just happens to be manufacturing. so yeah, good education is the only way to survive in this world.

      • If what you say is true, about needing a good education to succeed in America, then your English teacher would be very upset. The run-on sentences, wrong punctuation, and clear disregard for capitalizing proper nouns. Better proof read your rebuttals to comments.

      • apfreak

        i am quite sorry, english is not one of my specialties, and while i do possess a superfluous vocabulary that helps me get little to none wrong on the sat sentence completions, command of the english language is not a strong point. however, i can kick your sorry ass in anything science related just saying.

      • Manufacturing jobs helped to create and stabilize the middle class in this country for decades. Every since they left, we haven’t been the same. Everybody can’t sit behind a desk all day, nor should they want to. Just saying.

    • It’s not pricey. Just estimate how this thing costs and you will be surprised. I wonder if Apple made this kind of product and place their price as same as with this. 🙂

      • Ronald Weaver

        Apple T.V is 100 US dollars. It has been out for several years and has all the same features. Exept the playlist editing by multiple devices.

  • Do u have a link to the google glasses vid?

    • that video is part of the keynote, which should be available on YouTube shortly

    • Actually, just embedded that clip in the article, enjoy 🙂

  • What is this shit ? why al about Google ?

    • Coz it’s Google I/O today and it pays to keep tabs on what the competition is doing

    • Ronald Weaver

      I’m glad Apple has competition. It makes for better products in the future.

  • so its a apple express?

  • this is more expensive then the nexus tablet… I will stick to mirror play

  • soccerkrzy

    Only you Christian, would knock Google’s “pricey” $300 and blindly forget ALL of Apple’s products are pricey and more expensive than they’re actually worth…

    • CollegiateLad

      How much is the apple tv? 🙂

      • soccerkrzy

        Fair point, but the Roku 2 does more, and is cheaper… =P

      • CollegiateLad

        Can I mirror games from my iPhone to my tv with Roku? Can Roku connect to my iCloud account and stream every tv show, movie, or song that I’ve purchased to my tv?

      • soccerkrzy

        You’re actually making my original point, thanks man!

      • CollegiateLad

        That all Apple products are pricey??? The irony…

      • soccerkrzy

        Seriously man, you need to learn the definition of irony. Along with understanding a tongue-in-cheek original post to Christian Zibreg, who’s only posts on iDB are flameful.

      • CollegiateLad

        Is that something I can google? 😉

      • the decent ROKU that best compares with the iTV costs the same $99 – lets just be honest.

        Sure, you can buy the stripped down $59 version, but after looking in to that, it doesn’t stack up IMO!

        You need to fork out $99 on a ROKU if you want it to compare with the iTV.

  • It looks freaking beautiful, however, I think it isn’t a practical shape. It is going to take up a lot of room because it isn’t stackable. Also, if you say Nexus Q out loud it sounds an aweful lot like Nexus Cube, and a cube it is not. A little confusing for someone that may be interested. And apple tv has a DJ function already, and it’s only $99 dollars. Still, it does look sweet.

    • Justin, I agree with you!

      My first thought was who wants that bulky sphere sitting…… Umm… Where? Where would I put that contraption?!!!

      Seriously, think about it, you mount your flat screen tv on the wall to look like artwork – where would you put this contraption?

      A lot of people have ditched the traditional old bulky entertainment centers that yes, could have housed this sphere – but honestly in today’s world, most people are getting rid of those old bulky entertainment centers!

      So, where would you put it?

  • “Everyone who has an Android phone and Google Play can be the DJ at the party”

    ooh Thrilling. Maybe it will be a Steve Ballmer style party? Advertisers advertisers advertisers developers developers developers advertisers

    That’s cool

  • 300$???!!! Well, in Sweden it’s + 100$ at lest, so totall price 400$… No thanks, Apple TV is doing just fine 🙂

    • Falk M.

      I agree, nothing really innovative from a hardware perspective, Apple easily could catch up with some software updates. (and they will at some point OR release the tv set, but let’s not start this discussion now)

  • this is what Google comes out after a hard year of work a bolling ball that cost $300 dollars. what a wast of time.

  • Ok, first let me say that thing is BAD ASS and I’m pissed I can’t use it with my iPhone. Is there anything like it available for ios? Second, how “apple-esque” was that video? I say Apple should pay them back by stealing their idea and creating an “iQ” sphere dingy…