One of the more intriguing iOS 6 features that Apple announced at WWDC was the new Passbook application. The app is essentially Apple’s first go at a digital wallet.

But unfortunately, Passbook is broken in the developer beta — it’s just a splash screen. So there’s no way to play with it. That is, unless you follow these few easy steps…

All that you need for this tutorial is an iPhone on iOS 6 beta 1. Yeah, unfortunately it looks like the beta 2 update Apple released yesterday broke Passbook’s APIs. But you’re still welcome to try it, of course.

Step 1. Launch Safari on your iOS 6 device and visit This website will allow you to create Passbook passes, for free.

Step 2. You’ll see several fields where you can customize the card’s info, but we just left everything as default, and pressed Create.

Step 3. Once you tap Create, a preview of the pass will pop up. Press the Add button in the top right hand corner, and then open Passbook. Voila!

Obviously, the passes aren’t usable or anything. But it’s still cool to play around inside the application — it seems very well done. We particularly like the ‘delete-a-pass’ animation:

Passbook’s success will ultimately depend on whether or not companies use it. But after playing with it for a little bit, it seems like they’d have to be crazy not to. It’s so simple.

What do you think?

  • thepies


  • Passes do not show up on the lock screen despite the correct settings.

    • passbook offers you on first execution, thats what it did for me

      • can you pls post a screenshot of your lock screen showing a pass ???

      • did you understand what i first said at all?

  • guys pls tell me what s new in ios 6 beta 2?????

    • there’s an entire post about it….

  • works for me on beta 2

  • Marty Cunnane

    It works on beta 2

  • Worked for me on iOS 6 Beta 2 as well.

  • QuarterSwede

    Didn’t work for me on beta 2. All I got was Open in… Page

  • I had the Box app installed and it would prompt me to open the pass file in Box. I removed the Box app and tried again, and it worked. Couldn’t get the passes to show up on my lock screen though.

  • Steven Hook

    I have beta 2 – all I get is “open in” I tried crewing some online, and I tried making my own from the apple pass kit programming guide.

  • How do I get rid of it? My iTOUCH isn’t an iPHONE… so without it being able to reliably connect to the internet and such, the Passbook app is just wasting space on my iTOUCH.