The U.S.-based court battle between Motorola and Apple may have been dismissed, but Apple’s problems are far from over. As far as the ITC is concerned, the company is still facing a possible product import ban.

A new report is out this afternoon, claiming that the International Trade Commission is reviewing a previous ruling that says Apple is in violation of one of Motorola’s patents. And the outcome, could be devastating…

Bloomberg reports:

“The U.S. International Trade Commission said it will review ITC Judge Thomas Pender’s findings that Apple was violating one of four Motorola Mobility patents. The commission is scheduled to issue a final decision on Aug. 24, and has the power to block devices made in Asia from entering the U.S.”

The patent in question covers crucial 3G technology, used in both iPhones and iPads. Apple has argued that the tech is standards-essential, and should be licensed at a fair and reasonable price under the FRAND act. But thus far, it has yet to do so convincingly.

If the ITC rules that Apple is indeed infringing upon the patent, it has the right to block the import of Apple’s devices into the U.S. until the related technology is removed — a feat that would prove far more difficult than HTC’s hyperlink workaround.

Of course, Apple is working to make sure that doesn’t happen. Word is that it’s rounding up support from the likes of Microsoft, Nokia, HP and other companies to testify that Motorola’s 3G patent should fall under FRAND, and therefore not be punishable by import ban.

What makes this story all the more interesting is the fact that Google’s acquisition of Motorola has been finalized for months now. So you have to assume that the Mountain View company is essentially pulling the strings on this one.

Could we be getting close to finally seeing the Google vs. Apple fight we’ve all been waiting for?

  • jose castro


  • jose castro

    motorola sucks anyways lol

    • Not really Motorola, but Google. And whether they suck or not, they have the power to block iOS devices from being imported. I’m loving how this patent war is backfiring on Apple.

  • Will all these DAMN companies just stop it already?!!?

  • I’m guessing Motorola would be REAL popular for doing this… I say pull Apple’s cases, you should pull Motorola’s as well. This will never fly.

  • MrIQD


  • Let the WAR GAMES Begin!!!!

    So, who owns 4G??? Is that Moto also???

    But, in reality, all Apple (really) has to do, is make a HUGE donation to the Obama 2012 Campaign, and this problem will “go away”…..

    Don’t believe me?

    Let history be our teacher! Remember when Microsoft had so many problems about 10 years ago with their “monopoly” with the Windows OS? Then, Microsoft hired some Washington “Big Gun” Lobbyists, and suddenly (almost overnight) Janet Reno and her attack bull dogs backed down….

    Humm, interesting how it suddenly was not that big of a deal, and didn’t look like a monopoly anymore! LOL!

    But, clearly, I have no idea why Apple didn’t foot the bill to buy Moto – or even try to block Google from buying Moto – but, this may prove out to be one of their most costly tactical mistakes of all time – only to be dwarfed by hiring that douche bag former Pepsi CEO!!!

  • Kind of ironic, isn’t it Apple.
    Just yank that 3G out of the phones.

  • Just goes to show how messed up the US copyright laws are. We need serious reform, so things that every single phone uses aren’t causing massive lawsuits for no reason whatsoever and sucking up more tax payer money.

  • Dnt just that easy to face out 3G thu it’s the old one but still we bought in special price bec of the quality and nice features still usefull compared to other unit and just only bec of changinging version of any apps that’s why need to upgrade…..what u think we just bought this in good price and just throw it

  • Google or apple whoever pls do anykind latest model but leave 3G still cAn be use bec crisis now not easy to buy new one everytime had latest…..tanx

    • Thomas Kelly


    • Thomas Kelly

      I suppose pls = please, bec = because, tanx = thanks, etc. But I still can’t understand what you’re saying?

  • Villon Reynolds

    they will never get my iPod Touch, also i live in New Zealand lol