In line with several reports, readers are telling us that they are experiencing difficulties accessing iCloud and sending iMessages this afternoon. We are noticing similar problems on our own devices.

Judging by recent Twitter chatter, the outage appears to be world-wide, affecting a number of users. Apple has acknowledged the problem on its iCloud status page, but there’s no ETA for a fix…

Users are reporting problems accessing all of iCloud’s services, as well as the website. And we haven’t been able to get an iMessage to go through for the past hour. The current message on Apple’s support page reads:

“iCloud services — Users Affected: Some.

Users may be unable to access iCloud services. Normal services will be restored ASAP.”

Apple has been having intermittent issues with iCloud over the past week, with reports of iCloud Mail and Photo Stream being down for some users. Perhaps it has something to do with the service’s rapid adoption.

iCloud was only introduced to consumers 7 months ago, and already it caters to nearly 130 million users. Nevertheless, that doesn’t excuse Apple for the outages. Its customers have certainly come to expect better.

Update: Apple has updated its iCloud status page, stating that all services are back online after 4 hours of downtime.

Have you been having problems with iCloud or iMessage today?

[Image via MacRumors]

  • I concur.

  • Yesterday and today my other end was unable to receive any of my iMessages, hope that was part of this and will be fixed.

  • aah. i thought something happened to my internet.eeeeee

  • No issues here

  • i like to second brandon’s comment… Imessage has not worked but i’m almost certain it’s AT&T

  • I’ve had problems with iMessage for a couple days now

  • No my iCloud is working perfectly, I just downgraded my phone from iOS 6 to 5.1.1 and I restored from my iCloud backup and iMessage and photo stream work for me

  • Apple under attack, maybe.

  • I’ve had problems with iMatch a lot lately, wonder if it’s related.

  • I had Problems with Photostream .. And iMessage

  • Andrew Morgan

    I couldn’t back up or use Find My iPhone for an hour or so.

  • Ken P

    I am experiencing issues with iTunes Match as well. I was streaming music at work through my iTunes…and all of a sudden, all my songs greyed out. Now iTunes is stuck “delivering my iTunes Match results”

  • M_AlO

    iCloud working fine

  • I had problems sending photos! I even did a restore and upgrade on my iPhone. Worked a bit then stopped. It showesld the picture being received but the person never got them. I thought it was a possible jailbreak tweak conflict. I hope its just the cloud!

  • Also bought cyntac and it’s not matching my contact pictures properly! Anyone else have this happen?

  • André

    Here in switzerland is the same whit imessage

  • Brandon Walker

    Still having problems connecting

  • what do you mean it doesn’t excuse apple for outages? anything that requires internet can go down. doesnt matter how big the company is. oh well sh*t happens. no company is exempt from this happening. and no im not a apple fanboy. the only good thing they make to me is the iphone.

  • Alex Newton

    No issues here.

  • Wael Abdo

    problems here too, i assume its being upgraded for the ios 6 and osx 10.8 support.

  • sasan akbari

    I also had problem with my apple ID! I couldn’t sign in!
    Whats wrong with apple?!!

  • I don’t hace Any errors.

  • I’ve been having problems with iMessage for a few days’s mainly down with just a few successfully sent…