So this is rather interesting: Apparently Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou has been sharing some of his famous words of wisdom lately, advising consumers to wait a bit before making their next smartphone purchase.

Speaking at the company’s annual shareholders meeting, Gou told investors to hold off on buying the new Samsung Galaxy S III, claiming that Apple’s next smartphone would put the handset to shame…

The China Times reports:

“Gou also urged consumers to wait for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, saying that the new model would put Samsung’s Galaxy III to shame.

With Hon Hai’s marketing and manufacturing strengths and Sharp’s key technologies, the two will be able to defeat their arch-rival Samsung, the chairman said.”

That’s a pretty confident statement, to say that a device — which isn’t expected to be announced for several months — is already better than one that reportedly pre-sold more than 9 million units.

What’s Gou thinking? Perhaps he’s being a corporate cheerleader — Apple is one of Foxconn’s largest partners. Or maybe the CEO has already seen the next iPhone, and is simply speaking the truth.

Whatever his reasoning, we have to agree that folks in the market for a new smartphone should wait a couple of months before purchasing. With rumors of a larger display, LTE compatibility, and an almost-certain redesign, this year’s iPhone is shaping up to be one of the most significant in the handset’s history.

What do you think?


  • Lebron

    The newest iPhone always puts the other phones to shame.

    • Ronald Weaver

      Agreed! to the 10th power cubed. HAHA

    • Is always a few steps forward

      • it doesnt feature technology dat is a few steps ahead but it is a lot more steps ahead

    • sasan akbari

      But not the iphone 4S !

    • Apple is awesome that’s all i can say “Think different” and !@#$ Samsung S3!

  • Anand Kaligotla

    “… this year’s iPhone is shaping up to be one of the most significant in the handset’s history…” This should be the Apple’s official caption!

  • Ronald Weaver

    This is what i like to hear! i actually like the s3 so it must a kick ass iphone : p

  • Ha~Terry Gou is from Taiwan~

  • When people on the east side of our earth say the word “defeat” I take them seriously lol

  • and Samsung will announce another smartphone that’s better than iPhone 5, what’s the point ? it’s just their strategy to make more sells for the next iPhone.
    it’s a money game my friends.

    • samsung will try to catch up nd dey vil release some of deir own features but dey would be nothing lik d features dat were nd r going to be released by apple

  • JeanMarc Hanemann

    Of course the next iPhone is gonna defeat Samsung

    • I’d rather have a 1st gen iPhone than the trash Samsung outputs. The iPhone will always defeat Samsung.

      • alant126

        Without a doubt.

  • Thank you for the top secret information Mr. Obvious!

  • Benny Green

    Of course he would say those words, if he doesn’t he’d be out of a job along with all his factory workers that build the iPhone.

  • DomPerignon1

    I’m happy, I didn’t upgrade my iPhone 4 to 4S. Now, I am out of a contract and can buy the iPhone 5 from any provider with a subsidized price.

  • With a smaller screen? Less personalization options? I doubt it. I loved my iPhones – until the GS2 came out. Never looking back.

    • maurid

      Agree, un Apple’s case, their intelligent marketing strategies are the only thing that is keeping them going.

    • Ronald Weaver

      I’m not trying to be a troll but why do u still read Apple head lines if u are not looking back?

      • Maybe he’s still looking back but doesn’t want to admit it lol!

  • mb

    When Samsung says they pre-sold 9 million units, is that 9 million units sold to individuals, or is it 9 million units ordered by all retailers who will attempt to sell those 9 million units?

  • Design implementation and hardware are really awesome for apple. I don’t doubt their next phone will be mind blowing. But their software sucks. only now they have turn by turn? wtf

    • this has got to be a first..ios sucks!!
      turn by turn was monopolized by google..and that doesn’t make ios bad either ways!!..
      i wud still use ios with no maps at all, rather than using shitty android..with all due respect

    • They do that intentionally to string people along

  • Meh Apple fans will eat it up Android fans will buy the next Android phone.

  • Three words for this article: You don’t say!

  • Alex Newton

    I will have one on release day.

  • In a few years people will say: “iPhone what?” – While holding their Windows Phones 😀

  • Wael Abdo

    not only the galaxy s3, all the phones, included the new microsoft windows 8 phone, poor thing, at his birth, it will receive a hell of a blow.

  • sasan akbari

    We will wait.
    I hope not to see a smart phone like iphone 4S!!!

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • Hasn’t this happened every year since the iPhone 3G?

  • I’m pretty sure the Galaxy S4 would put the iPhone 5 to shame. Trust me.

  • At this point I’m not sure it’s a good or bad thing that Samsung makes Apple parts.

  • JayDee917

    I’m hoping that means Apple is using a new processor and not the A5 or A5X.

  • If the iphone screen gets bigger AND if it allows u to download music FROM THE PHONE instead of having to run to a computer then MAYBE it can compete with the galaxy 3!!!!!