It’s been a long time, but we’ve finally posted a new episode of Ask Jeff for your viewing pleasure. In this episode we discuss features from iOS 6, whether of not it’s wise to upgrade to the iOS 6 beta, and various topics surrounding jailbreaking.

We’ve also decided to do something new this time around — taking questions via phone call. A very interesting discussion resides inside, be sure not to miss it…

Of course, you can still leave a question or comment below, so feel free to do that also!

  • Well_Said

    I got few question for Jeff:
    1- Why don’t you show us ur face? I don’t know how u look like
    2- Sometimes u sound like ur having gadget-orgasim, Why does it happen.
    3- Why is iDownloadblog comes across as very biased? Are on Apple payroll.

    • I’m not Jeff, but I can answer some.
      1. It’s his choice. I’m pretty sure none of us know what he looks like. 😛
      2. ..what.
      3. iDownloadBlog is, well, a blog. It’s supposed to have opinions. Depends on the author of the article as well (a lot of people complain about Christian).

      • Well_Said

        Regarding Q3, Can’t iDounloadblod be a lil bit fair towsrds other tech companies because in the end competetion is good for the consumer .

    • Jeff, please answer this 3 questions. Very important! I’m curious too 😉

    • No. 3 is easy… It’s a blog about all things iOS .. So it will be more in Apple side than any other..

    • Creepers

    • Jeff considers himself like a jailbreaker and likes his anonymity I can tell you this he’s definitely from the west side of Chicago about 35 minutes from me.

  • Now that we know Siri isn’t coming to the iPad 2 with IOS 6.. Besides the only IDB method for Siri on the iPad 2, have the jailbreak gurus have any word for it? Cheers jeff..

  • Actually if I’m not mistaken, Jeff used to have his twicpic as a picture of himself. Looked like he was in a recording studio or something.
    Funny how you mentioned the Octopus Keyboard here Jeff. I was just wondering about what happened to that the other day.
    Also, like Jeff said. I would recommend using Springtomize2 to find and delete the .plist files. However, if you don’t want to deal with downloading another tweak, you can find the .plist files in var/mobile/Library/Preferences

  • Joey_Mousepad

    I have a question Jeff, I think a lot of the readers are curious about this I know I am. I apologize if you’ve had this question a million times but which tweaks/apps do you review that you leave installed on your own personal iPhone/iPad?

  • M_AlO

    Am I the only one who thinks that some of those questions were kinda stupid?

  • Eric Armstrong

    When iOS 5 was announced, it was pretty obvious to everyone in the Jailbreak community that many popular JB tweaks and apps influenced the new additions to iOS 5 (Notification center, wifi sync, etc). I heard many people saying the same thing about iOS 6, but I disagree. Are you impressed with the features they’ve added? Do you think they should implement more JB tweaks? Do you think there will ever be a point where Jailbreaking is no longer necessary? Why or why not?

  • UnderWaterHound

    Hi Jeff. Hello from Ireland! Do you know if it’s worth purchasing the Apple TV outside of the USA?

  • marcin slaczka

    What are some of the new features that were influenced by jailbreak tweaks

  • Jeff ,I can download the absinthe for the jailbreak but I can’t open it,so I can’t jailbreak my device .Can you help me?

  • seyss

    By looking at his sketch he looks latino

  • Hi Jeff, I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t let developers use the Nitro Engine. It kind a limits the potential of most apps

  • hey jeff i would like to know how to enable 3D mode in google earth app o iphone 4 ?