If you need one more reason to buy Sparrow for your iPhone, here’s one: For the next 48 hours, the popular third-party email client has been slashed to just 99 cents. That’s a two-buck saving over its original asking price of three dollars…

It’s a steal, really.

The worst thing that can happen is you throwing away your today’s latte.

On Thursday, Sparrow’s price will increase to two bucks and on Friday, June 22, it returns to its original price of three bucks a pop.

Sparrow for iPhone landed on the App Store back in March, immediately captivating audiences with its sleek user interface and simplicity borrowed from its desktop counterpart. The program’s also been met with constant criticism over its lack of advanced features, though the team moved fast to fix the biggies.

The jailbreak community, as always, was even faster, having added push notifications, iPad interface and the ability to set Sparrow as your default email application in iOS.

Sparrow 1.2 brought the ability to compose email messages in landscape.

Though the Sparrow team promised to fix the first two omissions, the latter cannot be solved on factory devices as iOS currently doesn’t allow users to change defaults.

The Sparrow team recently teased an upcoming iPad version.

Apple’s policy also prohibits email notifications through its servers. The team on its part confirmed that push notifications, available in a future update, will use their own servers and require a subscription.

In its current version 1.3, Sparrow added support for POP accounts, long present in the Mac app. This finally lets folks set up their Hotmail, Yahoo, Comcast Cable and other popular POP accounts.

And last month, the Sparrow team confirmed that a native iPad version is in the works.

Are you a Sparrow user and how satisfied have you been so far with recent updates?

  • The title of the article is misleading.

  • Ken Oliver

    How can you say ” though the team moved fast to fix the biggies.” its just not so,

    The biggies are

    No screen rotation for reading an email

    Can’t download an attachement to the phone from an email

    No means of their App checking your email for you

    Text size displayed is 50% smaller that the Apple App

    They have just messed around with the pretty stuff and not sorted out the functionality,

    I love iDownload Blog but on this you are so wrong IMHO 🙂

    • Lupius

      Don’t forget: no exchange support!

    • true, I downloaded cuz iDB pushes it TOO much
      And I was, least to say, disappointed after using it for a week

      • The same here. I downloaded the App at its full price cause I saw so many posts here but got very disappointed with the App. I even deleted the App and came back to the native Mail App.
        Altough, I’ll keep using Sparrow on my Macbook.

      • Thats what I did too.
        I actually gave it pretty good spot, in my DOCK, and removed the native mail to a folder with the Stocks app.. So u see, I was ready to make the change.. But Sparrow simply isnt good enough to replace the Mail app

  • sorry, but is the default mail client so bad, it needs a replacement? what am i missing?

    • Ken Oliver

      I don’t disagree about the default app needing to be replaced, and I have done that on my Mac’s using Sparrow

      But the Sparrow iPhone app just dosent have the functionality

      as an example I get sent a photo I need to use this photo on the move, if I receive the email and photo using Sparrow it can only be viewed in the email

      But if I receive it using the default app I can download it to my Camera Roll and by default to photo stream and use the image as I need to on my iPhone, it is also waiting for me when I get back to my Mac and iPad

      If I receive a detailed data sheet or any other tight formatted email in sparrow I cannot read it unless I pinch to expand, then I can only read the bit thats expanded

      If I receive it in the Default app I just rotate the screen and get an instant expansion of the text so I am able to read it with ease

      and finally I need my iPhone to alert me when I have emails, not have to check them manually, it would be like checking you texts manually and no one would do that

      So I agree Sparrow is very pretty but it’s not as functional as the native client, I used Sparrow for a week and had to read 6 out of every 10 emails using the native app in that week

      So until the Sparrow team deal with the functionality it will not be any use to me

  • Mac_Guy

    do you still have to pay to get push notifications?

  • I am sold. I’m getting this just cause of the price.


  • I recently scrapped Sparrow from my iPhone, even with the Sparrow+ tweak included for Push. It bugged me that IntelliScreen couldn’t get mail from Sparrow in the notification center (not Sparrow’s fault); but it bugged me more that Sparrow+ push was unreliable and that I couldn’t rotate emails for reading.

    Love Sparrow on my Mac, but the experience is lacking on the mobile devices. I’ll pay for the subscription service for Push it proves reliable, but right now everything is streamlined to work with the default Mail.app, and I’m all about streamlining.

    • Dan

      same here, it looks nice but it seems clunky compared to the native app. I tried it since it’s always mentionned here on IDB but I was disapointed.

  • M Last

    without push, even free :)))))

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Sparrow has been awesome for me…I had too get on this deal