Piggy-backing on Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s last December revelation that his company was working on own tablet, an Asian trade publication claims an Asus-engineered device marketed under the Nexus moniker launches at the Google I/O developers conference, which runs from June 27 through 29 in San Francisco’s Moscone West.

It’s gonna cost just $199 and feature a seven-inch display, the word on the street has it. The publication also offers tidbits regarding launch plans for Google’s first branded tablet…

The above blurry shot is said to represent a seven-inch Google-branded tablet, courtesy of PhoneArena.

The hit-and-miss DigiTimes has the story:

Due to its low price, the 7-inch Nexus tablet PC only supports a Wi-Fi connection and does not feature a back-side webcam, but will equip with a front-side webcam for video conference.

The device will also be preloaded with Google’s Chrome browser, with compatibility issues having been resolved to allow smoother operation for some software applications.

The publication also notes that Asustek chairman Jonney Shih will announce the device jointly with, we presume, Android chief Andy Rubin.

We’er guessing Google’s slate will run Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 chip and Ice Cream Sandwich software, if not yet-to-be-announced Jelly Bean version of Android.

Surprisingly, source claim that the Nexust tablet already started shipping in June, which would explain leaked photographs cropping up all over the Internet. It should be available in July and total shipments are said to reach “at least three million units in the second half of the year”.

With Microsoft having just unveiled its own branded tablet (with no word on pricing or availability, mind you), I think it’s fairly safe to assume that Google wouldn’t want to be left behind.

Both firms, however, are likely to antagonize their hardware partners by entering the tablet race. Conceivably, some Android backers are already beginning to separate themselves from the pack due to Google’s control of handset maker Motorola Mobility, including Samsung.

On the other hand, a Google-branded tablet paves the way for more ICS and Jelly Bean slates, potentially expanding the market for Android app developers as a result – something Eric Schmidt has been dreaming about for a long time now.

Be that as it may, the tablet space is bound to get lots more interesting this year.

Should Apple be worried?

  • jose castro

    ya ya ya we heard it before. probably going to suck yada yada yada

  • jose castro

    ya ya ya we heard it before. probably going to suck yada yada yada

  • Apple should worry about the Surface

    • jose castro

      lol why.. just because it has hdmi, usb 3.0, and a keyboard o and don’t forget the magical stand lol … lol it crashed during the presentation lol…. i wouldn’t worried about it lol. because im sure apple will make something better then the “surface” lol and they will rule once again.. and that mean more jailbreaking for me and all the other jailbreakers haha

      • No offence, but as an iPad 2 user, it is extremely unstable. I constantly worry about Skype crashing and some PDF’s won’t even launch, iBooks will crash if the PDF is too large -.- My smartphone does PDF’s better then my tablet, which I find sad.

      • jose castro

        ya i noticed that too. but i don’t think its the ipad 2 i think its the app it self….

      • Charles Valdez

        Skype crashed twice for me after using it for a year. That’s pretty normal and why the hell do you use iBooks to view PDFs? It’s meant for epubs,not PDFs,use GoodReader. I loaded a 1600 page textbook pdf which is 200mb and it loads super fast. Use it for school everyday.

      • Skype crashes like 1/5 of the time I use it. At one point using it in the background wasn’t even an option, it was just not possible. I use other programs for PDF’s, but they’re extremely slow and I wouldn’t be here anymore when a 1700 page PDF was done loading 😀

      • Skype crashing is all Apple’s fault!11

      • No it isn’t. I’m saying that iDevices still aren’t powerful enough to run iOS. I’m waiting for better hardware before I buy another iDevice. They either need to tone it down a bit or improve their hardware.

      • Skype has crashed at my IPad 2 too! But I kinda finded a fix, which gave me at least 2 weeks of non Skype crashing, and that is by: 1. Close all apps in multitasking and 2. Respring after that 🙂 (iKnow, maybe it is the hardware or something, but by just respring the devices, releases a lot of ram and thus, everything should work more or less normal after that )

      • use adobe reader directly to read pdf! 😉

      • naheed asif

        never had mine crash

      • macboy74

        Yes it did twice. But to be fair it still not final yet.

      • Falk M.

        “[…] and they will rule once again..”

        You forgot a “lol” after that, bro.
        Original to finish with “haha”, so the “lol” doesn’t wear off. 🙂
        Smart guy.

    • macboy74

      Yeah I bet their running for the hills. This was said when the galaxy tab, xoom, playbook, asus transformer and amazon fire all came out. Apple is truly crippled. I love sarcasm.

  • Kok Hean

    A giant iPhone 2G?

    • Lucas Venarotti

      lol XD

  • jose castro

    looks like a rip off to me

  • Wael Abdo

    there is no iPad killer and there wont be ever….. google and microsoft and all the competitors maybe can affect iPad sales and maybe can come near in numbers or in sales, but can never kill it…

    • jose castro

      finally lol someone with brains…

    • They can.

      • Wael Abdo

        we shall see about that…

      • We shall.

      • Tyler Rich

        Lol we will see about that… No one has ever killed an iDevice. All I can say is good luck on trying

    • Charles Valdez

      Thanks for posting the obvious.

    • AMB_07

      Yeah… just like there was no Nokia and Blackberry killer huh? It’s a circle my friend, Apple will go down or at least greatly lose its position as market leader at some point.

      • Remember one thing bro, Apple is not like Nokia and Blackberry… Only time will tell what will happen 🙂

      • dude you are wrong apple has came up from fall.

      • Wael Abdo

        btw we can all see that with regards to ordinary cell phones nokia is still the big boss, nothing can beat nokia when it comes to a 50$ or less phone. and blackberry never ever reached and will never reach the level that apple holds…

  • I would rather have the windows tablet than this… Pro of cause..

  • Lol everything that comes out is either an iPhone-killer or an iPad-killer.. And when its out there are benchmark tests and then everyone just shuts up cuz they couldn’t kill any

    • Wael Abdo

      let them play 😉 we are having fun with all these gadgets flowing around like popcorn, its gd that steve jobs produced the iphone and the ipad to drive the whole world to think about multitouch and tablets….

  • this is not an iPad killer, 7′ tablets don’t really compete with the iPad!

    this is just going after the Kindle Fire

    • AMB_07

      Its more then 10 inch…

  • naheed asif

    it’s not good when the tablet (Surface) crashes on the keynote i’ll stick to my ipad thanks but no thanks

    • AMB_07

      Unfinished software running on unfinished hardware, anything can happen at that point. If that’s how you judge a product and not wait for the final thing then I don’t know what to tell you…

    • It will be funny, if ever the Surface tablet gets a blue screen of death haha xD

  • I cant wait to see……

  • stop using the term Ipad killer, not every tablet is The next ipad killer