Despite what Google’s Eric Schmidt would have you believe, developers still prefer Apple’s iOS platform over any other mobile operating system. More importantly, the vast majority of programmers don’t think a rumored introduction of a taller iPhone this fall will complicate their life as adapting their apps to a larger canvas shouldn’t be a biggie…

In a research note to clients relayed by Barron’s, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster notes that his survey of a hundred developers during WWDC shows that most developers still prefer writing apps for the Apple ecosystem over Android devices.

iOS beat other platforms on ease of development and revenue potential with percentages of 84 percent and 64 percent, respectively.

55 of those surveyed also develop for Android, 14 also develop for Windows, and 9 also develop for BlackBerry.

We believe that Apple’s loyal developer base will continue to develop cutting edge apps for iOS that will draw in new customers, helping to fuel continued growth in iOS device sales.

The analyst also wrote that on a scale of one to ten, a rumored four-inch iPhone scored 3.4 in terms of how difficult it would be to adapt apps to a larger canvas, leading him to conclude that “the introduction of new screen sizes would not affect the success or availability of the apps on iOS”.

Two problems with this survey:

1. it’s biased as most WWDC attendees were people who make a living on iOS
2. sample size is too small

Android chief Andy Rubin tweeted ahead of the WWDC keynote that Google is now seeing an astounding 900,000 device activations each day.

Google’s Play Store for Android apps seems to be catching up, having recently passed the 500,000 app milestone versus 650,000 apps on the App Store.

What do you think, how long before developers’ preference tilts toward Android?

  • ios is simply the best…………………platform of opportunities……………….ios is really nice and powerful

    • LUFC_MOT

      You clearly don’t have a clue what you’re talking about … Platform of opportunities, really nice and powerful .. None of that means anything.

    • maurid

      Yeah, all that for a nice $100 -.-

  • We didn’t need a survey to confirm this-__-

  • Android is catching up…. Hmm yeah.. With about 30% good apps, 30% copies and 40% shit… In the app store of iOS are 80% good apps, 5% copies and 15% shit…

    • LUFC_MOT

      15% shit, are you on crack? Do you work for Apple? 15% my fucking arse !!

    • Chuck Finley

      80% good apps? Are you high?

      MOST of the stuff on the App Store is absolute drivel. And half of the rest are copies of decent Apps.

  • YujinNY

    Android screen sizes are Very different…they can be from 3″ to 12″ and I heard somewhere someone is preparing. 24inch tablet…soo just having a few different sizes will not be much of a mess compared to what android developers have to put up with.

  • Apple has 5 billion reasons why developers prefer iOS.

  • maurid

    I thought it was nice that you clarified the issues with this survey, Christian 😉