Last week, some amazing renderings of  — what much of the tech world is assuming to be — the next generation iPhone surfaced on the net. They looked so good, in fact, that a lot of us wondered if they were the real deal.

But alas, they weren’t. As we later found out, the images were just a gorgeous 3D art project by designer Martin Hayjek. And today, he’s back with some even better looking renderings of the new iPhone in white…

Once again, Hayjek’s models appear to closely mirror recent reports and speculation. From leaked parts to schematics, everything we’ve heard so far regarding Apple’s next smartphone points to a similar design:

An elongated 4-inch display, a centered FaceTime camera, a slimmer profile, and a two-toned metal backing. We also continue to hear whispers of a new, smaller charging port, and a relocated headphone jack.

To be honest, we’re not sure what to make of this design at this point. We can’t imagine that Apple, in its efforts to double-down on secrecy, would sit idly by while the whole internet gawked at its unannounced handset.

We’re also reminded of the purported teardrop-shaped “iPhone 5” cases that popped up everywhere last year, leading folks to believe that the 2011 model was going to feature a serious redesign. And then it didn’t.

What we do feel comfortable assuming, however, is that the next-generation iPhone will feature a faster processor, LTE compatibility, and will be unveiled at an Apple media event sometime in the fall.

But the jury is still out on what it’ll look like.

What do you think?


  • JerseyD

    I hope it looks nothing like that. They really need to get away from the iPhone 4 form factor.

    • LUFC_MOT

      I’m with you, I liked my iPhone 4 2 years ago, I certainly don’t want there to be a third iteration of the iPhone with the same form factor … Oh and as for these “gorgeous renderings” … Are you high? this looks utter shit, a stretched iPhone 4 but worse.

    • Why? It’s amazing. The Design/Form of the the iPhone 4 is amazing, it’s a design that will always look elegant and modern.

      • Great answer, couldn’t of said it better myself

      • EXACTLY! Once Apple finds a design they like, they tend to stick to it. Let’s hope this trend continues with the iPhone.

    • its really u kne a clean design………..makes u kne that the person is holding an apple device even ifseen far away……………..its got its own personality……………………… far the best design on a mobile…………

    • I might agre with you I might not….it all depends…

    • iPhone 4 design meant to be the most simple and elegant design ever on any phone and if in 2or so years they couldn’t come up with a something as close to perfection as iphone 4 they should just stick with it. but i can see how it is impossible when there was a huge demand for change after the release of iphone 4S! As for this design … i say if they really going to release it’s going to be stepping backward … and apple may lose the momentum altogether!

  • i wish iphone 5 had the polarised 3d capability

  • the bottom of the “iphone 5” looks really ugly

  • omg…for the first time it looked good…!!..:o

  • seyss

    why gorgeous? front is the same, back has only a dark and horrible panel, bottom is worse…

  • seyss

    looks like one of those chinese knockoffs

  • If the next iPhone looks anything like the iP4 im not buying it. iOS6 is already swaying me away from iDevices.

    • Have fun with android. See you in a couple months 😉

      • I will because its customizable.

  • Excellent job from Hayjek (the designer of this concept) but I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the back panel of this iPhone. Am I the only one?

    • I agree with you, I feel like the corners from that rendering look a little bit to rounded and the bezel would most likely be reduced, I think the actual phone would stay the same size, just a larger screen would be made

    • I don’t think there is any way Mr. Ive could go from the beautiful uniform iPhone 4 to the chopped up sectioned “iPhone 5” back.

      • this is not real, we could speculating about something that does not even exist

      • Omar Aly


    • Maria Kanton

      It’s like a normal back–metal, silver but it’s curved outward, like an egg almost. I’ve seen leaked pics–it’s kind of awkward

    • Wael Abdo

      nope, we are all sharing the same feeling…


    I’ll be honest as much as I love apple if the next iPhone will look like an iPhone 4 I’ll pass I don’t care larger screen …aluminum back what ever ….they need to step up their game ….iOS 6 will not be the selling point ….poeple are expecting big hardware changes….especially after they let us down Big time with iPhone 4s

  • Why loose the form factor of the iPhone 4? If they even KEPT the design, I wouldn’t care. I love it. Looks awesome IMO.

  • from bottom its look such ugly , like some Chinese brand.

  • I miss Jobs.

  • we need a small redesign, bigger screen & LTE and i’ll be happy as hell..

  • iPhone Enlargement, and nuttin else.

  • christodouluke

    Teardrop FTW! Teardrop is still the best

  • twited21

    I like this however I won’t be buying it unless it supports the uk 4g when it rolls out

  • Why would the iphone have that stupid half metal backplate?! It looks ridiculous! C’mon guys, we are getting trolled big time. There is NO way its gonna look like this.

  • I may be buying this phone but there better be a hello kitty hard case for this phone 🙂

  • and this is only a rendering,not the real product for those who say the bottom of the phone is ugly

  • jamestech

    cool i saw the iclear retina scren which was awesome! can u check out my website

  • Zorvage

    I love everything except for the backplate !

  • macboy74

    While it’s fun to play around with these rumor mock ups. Apple would never do this design.

  • far from it, they look awful. if the next iphone looks like this,i’ll just renew my iphone 4 contract and wait for the iphone 6. :L

  • im still waiting for the ios 5 vs ios 6 on 3gs.

  • mrbwler

    Very nice renderings, but ugly iPhone.

  • First, it looks so ugly.
    Second, it seems like the ‘so call’ iphone 5 has reception problem. 1 bar only.


  • The front looks great, but the back looks like a prototype Iphone :/ Ithink Apple will shock us more than what we think when they release the next new iPhone 🙂

  • If that really a iphone 5, sorry apple, I’m not going to buy it…It looks so rubbish.

  • Its too bloody long I DONT like the idea of a longer screen at all I Will stay with my 4 if it would look like this. Speaker grill is ugly too.

  • in youtube there is a video of the iphone 3gs running ios 6.

  • Wael Abdo

    Actually it’s nicer than the iPhone 4, but hope it’ll have a single color back, and not that grayish white mix, but still feel that all these leaks are phony.

  • This part is in different color like they want to show how the screen grew ahead. Ridiculous. It was better to leave it the way the 4/4S. Hopefully not any of this.

  • Pl486

    I’m deffinetly looking forward to a new design and bigger screen for the next iPhone, but if this is really what apples got it looking like I’ll take a 2 year old 4/4s over that anyday.

  • Looking good apple some people will never look what u do but I love this phone because I love my iPhone 4 too

  • everything is ok….but the in jack plug at bottom??!!!

  • sweet, i love this (Y)

  • the back camera will never ever be positioned like that on an apple product, it breaks design rules.

  • Why Apple change bottom connector? many, many accessory have compatible port with iPod, iPhone but not with iPhone 5, suck

  • it’s ugly.

  • Far from gorgeous. Are you guys saying it is gorgeous because is an apple product? Making taller is simply put being fucking laz to push the boundaries of design animation.

    I know the actual iphone will not look like this (At least im hoping so) But if HTC is able to create the htc one x with a 4.7 screen and not loose hold form factor.

    Then apple is capable of achieving it. But like I said gorgeous this is not.


  • Do you have ANY idea how badly you’re all setting yourself up for disappointment?
    If this phone doesn’t look like this then it will be a “disappointment” because this should have been “it”, right?
    What you want and what Apple will deliver tend to be different and this will be no different.
    Speculating and reporting “new renders of the new iphone” is bad journalism because you have no idea what this is. It’s a pretty picture of something somebody wants. It doesn’t mean you’re getting it.
    And with as tight as Apple has been in the past, do you honestly think replacement parts for something they haven’t built are actually floating around to the extent that you could acquire them and figure out what the new phone will be?
    It’s just silly. Stop this nonsense.

  • d5th

    iphone sucks more then droid bcuz i t has 4g and iphone has 2g. iphone also dosent hav e a big picture so iphone sucks

  • marine725

    I hope this is all b.s. cuz I’m not feelin this stretched iPhone 4-4s or whatever you wanna call it