Those of you longing for more news regarding the ongoing court battle between Apple and Kodak over image patents will be happy to hear that we’ve just received an update on the case.

It appears that the judge, today, has denied the struggling camera company’s request to fast-track the trial, meaning that Kodak could go broke before a decision is reached in court…

As many of you are aware, Kodak is currently going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It was hoping to sell off some of its extensive IP portfolio to help pay for the proceedings, but given the fact that some of those patents are being used in this lawsuit, that’s not really an option at the moment.

This is why the company requested that the trial be fast-tracked, but it looks like Judge Allan Gropper isn’t going to allow it. In a hearing today, Gropper stated, “an adversary proceeding will permit the parties to raise issues in an orderly and expeditious fashion and preserve all of their just rights.”

The patents in question are image-related. Apple says that they stem from technology the two companies shared together back in 1994 while working on the QuickTake 100 digital camera. Kodak, however, says that’s not the case, and is seeking compensation for the use of its IP in Apple’s products.

You have to feel bad for Kodak at this point, as the one-time camera giant appears to be getting extremely desperate.

[Bloomberg via TUAW]

  • M_AlO

    I do feel bad for Kodak..

  • I do feel bad but as the same time i do not. I say that because its like they are seeking money from apple to stay afloat, how long has apple been “infringing” on this so called problem and now they want to act….Kind of ironic.

  • SimonReidy

    Jesus Apple. The company is dying and you still want to push them further into the ground? I know there’s a lot more to it than that, but it does sound very unfair on poor old Kodak, given they are already bankrupt and their IP is all they have left of value.

    • uh what? Kodak is suing Apple, not the other way around lol

      • Falk M.

        Obviously he’s talking about the judge and I agree, why not just flipping fast-track this trial.

  • yeah, kodak… those days when we have to go to the Photo Developing Shop and wait 1hr to have your film processed… :/

  • Lupius

    I got no reason to feel sorry for Kodak. Thy invented the world’s first digital camera and then decided to sweep it under the rug to protect their once lucrative film products. Reminds me of Xerox as well.

  • alant126

    That’s pathetic. I don’t feel sorry for Kodak. They see Apple doing well and feel they can sue Apple, so Apple can pay their bills.