Those of you that are really into Emoji will be happy to learn that iOS 6 is bringing a multitude of new icons to the mix.

The ones displayed in the image above are just a few examples of what’s to come in Apple’s latest mobile operating system, which is still in beta, and should be released to the public in the Fall…

This tip came to us from iDB reader Thiago who seemed particularly excited about the new animal faces.

If like Thiago you find something new or exciting in iOS 6, please make sure to let us know.

  • these emojis are already in iOS 5.1 and up. they just dont have their own keyboard yet. theres a tweak called EmojiPro which can add them to the current emoji keyboard. the icons can be seen by anyone on 5.1+ even if they arent jailbroken.
    when you install it, the new icons appear on the keyboard after the old ones, separated by a | character, and are sorted into the same groups as the old ones.

    • Wael Abdo

      is there a way to add them without jailbreaking?

      • no, but there are apps where you can use the new emojis and then copy and paste them wherever you want. jailbreaking is the only way to actually add them to the emoji keyboard. search “emoji 2” in the appstore and have a look at those.

        there is one app, though, (i forgot its name) that adds the emojis to the japanese romanji keyboard using contacts, but its a paid app and kind of tedious

      • u can use without jailbreak in ios 5.1.1
        just u download “emoji” app in appstore..
        then go to settings->general->keyboard->international keyboards->add new keyboard->search for “emoji”,just click it..!! thats it..!! now in your keyboard u can see new button in left coner of the keyboard.near to the spacebar.!! enjoy it 🙂

      • Wael Abdo


      • Rashida Wallace

        No its not a way to add the NEW emojis from ios6 onto the iphone without jailbreaking. What you’re speaking of are the regular emojis

    • i dont understand, i have the emoji keyboard, and theres nothing new. my ipods up to date and everything.. how do i do this !!?

  • hack_nug

    I was using EmojiPro on 5.1.1 and now with iOS 6 I can not use the Emoji keyboard (I asume it is because I did not unistall the tweak.

    Any idea on how I can fix this? I already tried disabling the Emoji keyboard and enabling again.

    • Mac_Guy

      I had EmojiPro on 5.1.1 and I’m on iOS 6 and it works fine for me. Usually if anything is wrong with your phone you back up, restore, and restore from back up.

      Hope this helps

      • Well, I have the same problem I am with iOS 6 b1, I restore, but everytime I want to use Emoji, the app where I am, close ??? this is a bug.

      • Mac_Guy

        what app are you using?

      • hack_nug

        It doesn’t matter what app you use. Even if you try to use the Emoji keyboard in Spotlight, it will cause your iPhone to respring.

      • Mac_Guy

        Well mine seem to be working just fine, my apps don’t close and @hack_nug:disqus my phone doesn’t respiring when I type them into the spotlight.

      • I have now a solution. I had the same problem.

        Just reset your “Keyboard Dictionary”. After that I was able to use my Emoji-Icons without respring/crash.

      • hack_nug

        Thank you! This worked for me 😀

  • Are there same sex couple ones yet?

  • Yes there are same sex couple icons 🙂

  • If you add a new language to your keyboard u can get emoji witouth jailbreak, just go to settings, keyboard language and add emoji and done

  • If you add a new language to your keyboard u can get emoji witouth jailbreak, just go to settings, keyboard language and add emoji and done

    •  that doesnt give you the new emojis though (unless youre on ios6)

  • Alejandro Menocal

    i’m on iOS6(4s), and the emoji keyboard is not working for me, I “click” it, and the the app where I am trying to put the Emoji(messages, twitter) goes out, it closes… any one has the same issue?

    • yeaah I have the exact same problem 🙁

      • I even reinstalled iOS 6. Why am I having this problem? Can someone link me to an iOS 6 beta that they’ve used that has working Emoji? Please. 

      • I fix it using restore settings from settings, general

    • Mac_Guy

      I’m on iOS 6 on my iP4 and the Emoji icons work just fine with me. I’ve been sending them in text messages. Also tried it on the spotlight and my phone didn’t respiring like someone had posted before

  • You can find all these emojis in an app called “unicode maps” and much more stuff like that

  • now have ios installed with the latest emoji. I sent one to a friend who still has ios 5. the new emojis is not recognized. is this normal? i thought they can still be recognized as long as we have emoji enabled under settings.

  • sara

    So I’m happy with the new Emojis but still we can have cat ppl and lesbian and gay couples but still no ethnic people african americans, chinese, mexican? Whats with that? hmmmmm

  • vitor

    lack the Brazilian flag

  • Hiroto Mazuelos

    what if u dont have ios 6 or 5.1? i ahve a normal samsung mini with android… is tehre new emoji for them! ty!

  • Nona

    I can not install my Emoji’s pro, I followed the instructions nd still nothing WHAT’S THE PROBLEM