Apple debuted Find My Friends last fall during their iPhone 4S event. Similar to Google’s Latitude service, Find My Friends uses GPS and Wi-Fi triangulation to track the locations of its members.

While the platform certainly has potential, it’s failed to garner much user-traction thus far. But it appears that Apple is looking to change that in iOS 6, with a new geofencing notification system…

Macworld points to the interesting new feature, which can be found on Apple’s iOS 6 website:

“And with iOS 6, you can get location-based alerts — like when your kids leave school or arrive home. Find My Friends can also notify others about your location, so you can stay connected or keep track of the ones you love.”

This is actually pretty cool. Imagine you’re a working parent with young children who walk home from school or a local bus stop every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a push notification, assuring you they’re home safe and sound?

Or what about this: say you have a daughter who is making a long drive back to college after a recent visit. Wouldn’t it  be nice to get an alert on your phone or tablet letting you know she made it home ok?

Honestly, I’d be extremely surprised if Apple didn’t market this feature in one way or another when it becomes available this fall — it’s that good. Who else is doing this right now on this level of scale and simplicity?

  • Wow this is a pretty awesome feature. The only problem I can see is if it didn’t work 100% of the time. You would have parents freaking out all the time if they didn’t receive an alert. I guess they could just check find my friends.

  • I agree, its a cool idea.

    However, so is getting a call from your child saying that they are okay, and arrived home/college/??? okay.

    I am over 40, and I still call my Parents to let them know that we made it home okay – even though its only a 3 hour drive.

    One idea that I do like however is say for notifications if you go to Disneyland or some other vacation location – you could set up the geofence on the phone to get the alerts if your kids should happen to stray off just a little too far, or worse yet, were nabbed. I could see a use for that situation, but then again, if the kid were nabbed, the kidnapper would probably leave the phone on the ground to avoid being tracked.

  • HGamesTeamCato

    Love Apple and Google, so i’m just going to point out Google Latitude was first to have this feature

  • If you have the beta of iOS 6, can you do this?

    • yes I have tried it, it is a good feature but I cant try it with anyone but myself right now!

      • How? Do you need to sign into iCloud with a developer account? I have the beta on 2 iPhones, but i registered the UDID instead of bying the developer account.

  • Jack Wong

    Hmm I hope we can a better battery life with new iPhone.

  • My mother and I use foursquare, and she gets push notifications when a friend of her checks in somewhere… That’s the way I got around it, but if it was inserted in iOS for people who don’t use foursquare, it’d be nice.

  • Nice feature to further allow stalking by Apple. It’s a good app but a little creepy.

  • The problem with Find My Friends (and Google Latitude) is not the feature set. It is the impossibility of adding friends. Like with Facetime, you have to know what that person’s email is in order to add them. And reviewing your contacts does not show you if their apple id is in your contacts. No way to add friends without sitting next to them.

    • One might argue this is actually for privacy reasons. If you’re adding someone to your FMF list, you /really/ ought to make sure that person is okay with it. Requiring you to ask what their Apple ID is should not be too much to ask.

  • Just so you know, the headline image is from Find my iPhone, not Find my Friends.

  • Unrelated – hating the new comments system.

    • Ikr. It looks ugly. :c

    • JaeM1llz

      Same system, different template.

  • Actually I don’t want to be stalked by my parents. And by the way Apple is making big database of users and if government wants to take part of that information then what?

    • RLst

      Stop dealing drugs and you’ll be fine 😀

      • I’m not doing any stuff like that 🙂 btw how did you put that “parent” sign?

  • Check out and Download iOS 6 here – iOS6Beta(dot)com

  • Wael Abdo

    i dont think that this app will ever be used! com on! who wants to be tracked!!??

    • RLst

      You obviously don’t have any friends to track you 😀

      • Wael Abdo

        lol not really, but sure dont want any to.

  • I use Find My Friends ALOT..since my Dad & Brother have it..that way when i’m off from work..& i decide to go somewhere & forget to let the folks know…then they can look my up..& know where i am..and text me if. i think Find my friends is a AWESOME App….VERY creative on Apples part & i’m looking forward to seeing it grow in iOS6.

  • Good app for the ones that don’t trust their girlfriends or boyfriends haha.

  • Jennifer Rutledge

    I think this is GREAT for little kids but no way in any sense should parents use this app on their children who are going to college. College is about the freedom to make your own choices with out mommy and daddy telling you to go to the library insted of being at the football game. APPLE is creating apps that put restrictions on young adults and giving more will power to their parents. THIS APP IS STUPID. SOME PEOPLE DONT LIKE BEING STALKED