A few days ago we reported about the progress made by Dev Team frontman Musclenerd regarding the possible downgrade of the 06.15 baseband. Looking at the activity on that post we wrote, I’m sure many of you will be happy to learn that Musclenerd hinted earlier today at a release of the downgrade for this Funday Sunday.

When asked about an ETA of the project, Musclenerd replied:

I’m aiming for Funday/Sunday for releasing the downgrade from 06.15, but that’s very much subject to possible delay

As always, this is no guarantee that he will indeed release the downgrade this Sunday, but it sure is promising at this point. This is great news for iPhone 3G/3GS unlockers who’ve been stuck on this buggy baseband for quite some time now.

We’ll keep you updated!

  • M Last

    good news for who cares about GPS  :))

    • Many people happen to use the GPS.

      • BoardDWorld

        Honestly the GPS is rubbish on the 3GS, especially in cities(just found that out today). The iPhone 4/iPad 2 & above is 10 times better.

      • no why use gps when you got wifi

  • WAKE UP GPS…you’ve been sleeping for TOO LONG…time to get back to business!

    • rohta

       Nike+GPS has been waiting for this day for looong time..

  • Does anyone know what baseband Musclenerd aims to downgrade to?

    • rohta

      Most likely 05.13.01, which is the latest 3GS baseband firmware compatible with Ultrasn0w

  • 6.15.00 is buggy sometimes says searching

  • i have an iphone 3gs and it haves 6.15.00 , i have SAM Prefs and it is Wilcard activated and i have push notifications, My question is, the 6.15.00 drains the battery more fast?

    • rohta

      Nope. The drain battery problem occurs when you use hacktivation.
      Using SAM or the carrier SIM card which your iPhone is locked to activate will eliminate this problem

  • Andrew Morgan

    Funday, lol.

  • Will this BB downgrade fix the no signal issue when the sim card is inserted

  • Marvin Wallace

    If i have a 3gs old-bootrom on the 05.16.05 baseband can i downgrade it to a baseband unlockable by ultrasn0w using this tool?

    • BoardDWorld

      Logically you could install the iPad baseband then downgrade to the unlockable baseband…

      • but if he upgraded to iPad BB that will also give an unlock so why downgrade unless you need you`r waranty or GPS

  • I have the same question, i have a 3GS, running on BB 05.16.05, which is the most difficult so far.. so, will i have to upgrade to 06.15, and then downgrade to one that will work?? and will u loose my current jailbreak?? Thanks a lot!

    • usotsuki

      If you do need the unlock, I suggest wait for a few more days to see how the downgrade process actually works. Who knows, maybe you might not need to upgrade to the ipad baseband at all (very very slim possibility though).
      Also, not every 3GS can be upgraded to 06.15, the newer released models have new NOR chips that would brick their phones once upgraded to the ipad baseband. SO you have to check yours first before you proceed.

  • will this fix a fried iphone 3gs baseband?

  • why not help iphone4g?

  • u should think of many people that used iphone4 and stuck in locked

  • excuse me for the noob question but what is the purpose of downgrading the ipad baseband ???
    except not using anymore custom firmware to update ?

    •  Mainly for GPS.

    • some 3Gs users have been complaining that ultrasn0w is buggy on the iPad baseband…with the downgrade they could use any other unlockable baseband. plus the GPS will work

    • it will fix gps and will get users a chance of potonial waranty

  • Falk M.

    Damn Musclenerd, get a decent hacker name…

    I always have to think of stuff I don’t want to imagine when reading that name… .__.

  • yeah im actually on ipad bb but i need help i installed cydelete and deleted cydia by mistake so is there a way of getting it back i tried rejailbreaking but it still wont show cydia can anyone help or do i just have to restore