For a company known for its secrecy regarding unannounced products, there sure seems to be a lot of information floating around about Apple’s next smartphone. We’ve seen schematics, back covers, and now this.

A set of pictures surfaced on the web this morning have gotten a lot of folks buzzing with excitement. Relax, these are just renders, but quite believable. The images depict a device which matches up with the recently leaked next-generation iPhone parts

UPDATE: this story has been updated to reflect that these images are just clever 3D renderings and do not represent the allegedly fully-assembled iPhone 5. In case you were wondering, these absolutely gorgeous concept renders are created in Rhinoceros 3D and credited to Flickr user Martin uit Utrecht.

MacOtakara points to the photos, which were originally published on a Chinese iPhone blog.

iPhone Chinese Web post several photos of new iphone, which seems to be fully assembled. New iPhone, called as iPhone 5, considered to has been leaked as parts by parts.

While this iPhone photo shows live iOS running, we don’t have idea if this photos are computer generated rendering or composited by Photoshop. iPhone Chinese Web tells that they are not confirmed it is true or fake.

The handset features the rumored elongated 4-inch display, smaller dock connector, and centralized FaceTime camera, above the earpiece. It also sports a similar back cover to the one that’s popped up in several recent reports.

That being said, we’re not at all convinced that these images are legitimate. In this day in age of photoshop and other trickery, there are a thousand ways these photos could be faked.

But, we’d be remiss if they turned out to be something and we didn’t mention them. After all, a lot of folks thought that initial iPhone 4 photos were fake until Gizmodo went hands on.

If nothing else, these images make for a nice concept of what the new iPhone could look like should all of the current information materialize.

What do you think?


  • While I don’t really think this is gonna be what it looks like, I really don’t think it looks too bad. I don’t know why everyone seems to hate it. Is it because the body doesn’t seem as unified as the 4 or 4S? Because it probably will be more unified in the end. The screen here doesn’t look as big as it’s rumoured to be, though. 

  • i just can’t like the two tones from glass and metal!…..hate it!

  • I actually happen to think this new ‘supposed’ iPhone looks quite beautiful.  

  • i think it’s far too ugly. but then again, apple have made bad products in the past, so who knows.

  • Kayneeezy

    The black looks bad ass.. the white looks like shit.. so I wont believe it yet till i see it.. 

    • Uh what white? This post only show a black iPhone.

      • Kayneeezy

        Click on the link in the text that says 
        next-generation iPhone parts…

  • Apple are arrogant enough to do the new iPhone just as they think it’s “good for you”.
    Can’t remember when they actually listen to customers’ opinions.
    If this how the new iPhone going to look – they failed badly.

  • That looks sexy! That phone looks BEAST! i really don’t know why people post their negative opinions when we all know if it comes out looking exactly like this they will be the first ones in that APPLE LINE OF DOOM! haha! 

  • very sleek ..and dark.butr looks are not everything when it comes to phone as we all know.

  • I think it looks great. . .

  • I think it looks great I think this would be a great buy

  • its real…